Sheriff arrests two county officials. BRAVO!!

Jackson Co. sheriff arrests two county officials.

If there is one person who can bring an end to the corruption in a matter of minutes — it is the Sheriff. He is the one with a gun, a badge, a jail cell, and the legal authority and constitutional duty to “protect citizens”. If any one of you would like to help me fight the good fight against the corrupt legal enterprise of lawyers and Bar associations who have overtaken our third branch of government — the “judicial branch”, it is the Sheriff of Kitsap County — CALL HIM!

Please call the Kitsap County Sheriff, Steve Boyer, at (360) 337-7101, and ask him to insure that no one, no lawyer, no judge, no Bar member, interferes with Scheidler’s right to present evidence to a “JURY” of judicial and lawyer misconduct. The corruption within the legal establishment permeates our society and robs citizens of our justice system.

I have spent 16 years fighting to have “evidence” presented to a jury of legal misconduct. But the “legal establishment” of lawyers and judges have, blatantly, prevented a “jury” from hearing this evidence. Why? because the evidence shows how these judges and lawyers steal from the old, the disabled, and how they use children as “leverage” in disputes, and how they rape the assets from families through probate court …. It all must stop!

Please Call Sheriff Boyer and tell him that you want ‘true justice’ and NOT the illusion of justice the legal establishment leads us to believe — you want Scheidler and those other courageous ‘intervenors’ – John Worthington, Bruce Gambill – the right to plead the facts to a “JURY”!

That is all we want… a fair hearing by an impartial jury. Please, if you agree, circulate this story to all your friends and “like” what we do on face book.

The next court hearing in the matter State of Washington, ex. rel, Bill Scheidler, PLAINTIFF v. Felice Congalton (lawyer) and J. Reiko Callner (lawyer) DEFENDANTS, is February 7, 2014, Kitsap County Superior Court, 614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366. Doors open at 9AM until possible noon. The case number is 14-2-00042-3 and noted on the civil motions calendar.

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  1. In theory it is true that the Sheriff’s Dept. Duty is to protect citizens, keep the peace, protect citizens Rights, property and the Right to home & property. God willing that in Kitsap County it is a reality.

    Because in Pierce County it is exactly the opposite when it comes down to being loyal to severely corrupt Judicial Officials V upholding the Law and citizens Rights, protecting home & property come out as the automatic losers. Whereas in my particular case, Deputy Brandon Maye, Deputy Tony Filing both knew that the orders surrounding the illegal eviction of me from my home,, Office and shop of the entire last 32 years were based on a judicial cover up, Fraud, Obstruction of Justice and the authority & jurisdiction of Null & void orders that were fraudulently obtained via felony criminal conspiracy to commit fraud, Grand theft of home , property, all personal property, vehicles and protect the insider thief Edward C. Voss, Denise L. Voss and associates while performing felony grand theft.

    Which in fact is exactly what the Pierce County Sheriffs Dept did, sending out to my residence between 8-10 heavily armed deputies to evict me, an innocent victim of severe Judicial corruption , fraud , organized crime, treason , color of Law all made possible by, & fueled by RICO.

    Unfortunately when they arrived on the morning of Feb.8th 2013 , I was not there to have a violent OK Corral Stand off, I was currently at the Desk of the Pierce County Sheriffs Dept. At the County City Building in downtown Tacoma Wa. and the Pierce County Sheriff headquarters attempting to try and speak with someone of Official authority about this major criminal conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, retaliate against a victim/witness.

    But all to no avail, they refused to discuss the legalities concerning their direct involvement in carrying out these Grunt /Henchmen Null & Void Orders fraudulently obtained through the Superior Court Judiciaries direct involvement , and the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts Direct involvement and the U.S. District Courts direct involvement in orchestrating this major 1st degree Felony Grand theft of an innocent victims home and all property.

    All of the aforementioned Judiciaries direct connection and involvement with the 6 party foreclosure mill operated and executed by attorney For the creditor Alexander Miroshnik, his attorney Mr. Schweet of Seattle Wa. Mr. Schweet’s wife Laura Schweet owner and operator of Raineir Foreclosure Services Inc. in Seattle Wa, who worked hand in hand with Jordan Law Office , attorney Michael Jordan & Landlord Solutions , Jim Henderson who both Jordan and Henderson share the same exact mailing address in Tacoma Wa. And just who is Edward C. Voss and Denise L. Voss attorney? You guessed it , Michael Jordan and the Voss’s business associate who I was told would handle all the recovery of my stolen 300 items + of prized personal possessions, family heirlooms, vehicles, boats and trailers, and all major essential most expensive tools and major equipment, Mr. Henderson who never returned the phone calls I made to the phone number provided to me by Deputy Brandon Maye of the Pierce County Sheriffs Dept. on the invalid document incorrectly dated from 2 years before, dated Feb.8th 2011 that listed a totally false address where all my vehicles , boats and trailers were being illegally , secretly held for thousands of dollars of ransom, after being all broken into, severely damaged -destroyed, and illegally removed from my home and property

    . All being done under the constant heavily armed protection of multiple Pierce County Sheriff Deputies . with Sheriff Patrol and Under Cover vehicles parked everywhere , out in the street, in the ditch along the side of Benbow Drive, and already a fleet of enormous moving trucks practically making passage on Benbow Drive impossible. Major humiliation and character defamation to a completely 100% innocent victim. Doing this to me on a lake that I had been the vice president of the Improvement club of all property owners for years, a lake that at one time I personally owned 4 separate homes on with additional view property above the lake. All until the attorneys involved in my divorce that parented this case stole the home & property across the lake from my residence and now with this Set Up criminal theft orchestrated by Judge Chushcoff of the Superior Court in Tacoma Wa. Judge Snyder of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tacoma Wa. and Judge Lynch of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Tacoma Wa. with the help of Kevin Stock Clerks Office of the Superior Court , Judge Cornpepper of the Superior Court in Tacoma Wa. and the Proud to be totally corrupt , Commissioner Johnson of the Superior Court in Tacoma Wa. that now all because of the direct and readily apparent involvement in RICO, the severely corrupt aforementioned Judicial Officials made possible now the illegal fraudulent retaliatory theft of my Residence too. The very same home/ residence that was illegally forced into default, foreclosure and bankruptcy in 2001 all made illegally possible by the vast majority of all the very specific Judicial Officials I have just listed and the suspended from practice Attorney Gregory E. Grahn who just because he was totally unlicensed to practice Law, did not bother the Superior Court. They not only allowed Grahn to continue to practice Law while totally unlicensed to do so, they allowed Grahn and attorney Geoffrey Cross to commit fraud, Grand theft even after being officially notified with time and date stamped filed Motions to the Superior Court that just because the Superior Court was 100% liable for all of this, decided not to ever respond to my filed motions, multiple phone calls or the letter written to Judge Armijo’ and the Clerks office that was filed with the clerks Office once again notifying them about felony crimes being committed towards me , that basically the Superior Court was more aware of than I was . Cover Up for Severely Corrupt spineless unaccountable unprofessional cowards.

    Having this severely traumatic and public humiliation being illegally executed by the very Sheriff;s Dept. that is in charge of doing exactly the opposite from what they were knowingly illegally doing to a totally innocent victim. Doing this in front of neighbors of mine in excess of 30years, and a lake and address I had called home for the continuous prior 32 years since I designed , constructed and developed every square inch of this home & property that I have been illegally forced to spend in excess of $430,000.00 towards just over the last 13 years since this crime first took place. A home & property that I only owed $172,500.00 on when all of this illegal fraudulent cover up nightmare started. Think I made a mistake on the math?? not a chance. Legal fee’s. foreclosure fee’s , fines, charges, 300% of prime rate % loan, Payments that were increased 450% above the original payment for 14 months straight for $5312.26 per month. Gee I wonder why I was having such a hard time trying to recover from all of this illegal BS?? All while Steve Manske of the Pierce County Code Enforcement was following me around like a shadow and harassing me, illegally forcing my new car lot out of business through the employment of abuse of authority and public Office , Color of Law and obviously RICO. A car lot right across the street from the Graham Safeway Store that was surrounded by other Wa. State licensed used Car Dealers all with in 3/8 of a mile in every direction. But I was told by Manske and his $1000’s of dollars fee extortion gang down at the Pierce County Anex that just because all these other licensed used car dealers were within rock throwing distance of me in all directions, that I was not zoned for used car sales specifically right there!! On a commercial location with a main structure set well back of the 224th st that ran directly in front of the sight with a display area that would easily accommodate 150-200 units on display and for sale. All with a commercial lease in hand and a large Commercial business sign out in front that had been poured in cement and in constant use for over 12 years prior to my occupying this location.

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