And Again: J. Reiko Callner, Esq., and Felice Congalton, Esq., under pressure for their criminal conduct.

Today, 1/29/2014, Bruce Gambill filed a “motion to intervene” as intervenor-plaintiff in the Criminal Complaint against Callner and Congalton. Mr. Gambill, too, has been defrauded, raped of his property, and denied his fundamental rights by attorneys and by the judges who, using their “judicial power,” shelter these corrupt attorneys.

Bruce Gambill’s story spans 14 years! But I can sum up the matter in a few sentences. Bruce Gambill, who “was” a successful businessman, entrepreneur and father, was taken for all his work, every dime he ever made, his family home, AND … and it is a big “”AND””, his child support funds – which by law is protect for the sake of the child. So who ended up with all of Bruce Gambill’s hard earned property and the ‘child support funds’ — lawyers and the friends of lawyers.

So why is Bruce Gambill asking to intervene in the criminal complaint against Felice Congalton, Esq.? Here again I can sum up the reasons in a few sentences. Bruce learned that the lawyers and judges involved in the theft of all his property had, let’s call it, “dealings” with one another. Bruce filed a WA State Bar Grievance citing the facts and how these corrupt lawyers and judges colluded in ‘stealing’ their clients assets. And as the WA State Bar does time after time the grievance was dismissed in the same way as the Bar dismissed nearly every grievance of the 3000 such grievances filed each year. And guess who dismissed Bruce Gambill’s grievances…. Falice Congalton, Esq.,

This case is going to grow into a class action matter because the “legal establishment” has commandeered our ‘judicial system’ and they are using it to defraud, steal, and rape citizens of all their possessions.

Please pass this story around so others who have been “taken” by corrupt attorneys and the corrupt WA State Bar will see that “some people” are courageous enough to devote their life in exposing and counteracting the corrupt legal establishment of lawyers, judges and the regulatory agencies — the Bar and the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

It must stop! and it must stop NOW!


  1. I have written in many times asking how I can help stop the WSBA and their unethical practices. My family is out about $70 over my fathers estate that was never solvent to begin with. That money went to lawyers who perjured themselves in front of a Judge and in Court Documents – evidence was forwarded to the WSBA and they refused to view it!

  2. What we are dealing with here, is a Judicial System that has managed to criminally abuse and intentionally distort with malice its original purpose & intent to such a large, consistently increasing degree, it represents the epitome of intentional malicious corruption.

    Internally designed to prevent any Jurisdiction, any authority, any “outside review” of the WSBA’s illegal unethical fraudulent actions, or that of any Court, Judge, Clerks Office or member of the WSBA to be Legally, Ethically or Criminally Judged by any “Board”, “Committee” , State or Federal Agency.

    With intentionally putting in place the specific exclusions, exceptions or Clause that would specifically exclude anyone but Judges & other Lawyers judging any portion of the Judicial System.

    As was clearly evidenced in the recent review of the Washington State Executive Ethic’s Board. A Board in which practically every other Executive Ethics matter would fall under the scrutiny of. All but the specific “after thought” intentional preventive exclusion of any member or body of the Judicial System. Rule No.42 that has been clearly put in place to prevent the public from being represented by an Ethics Board that had the authority to strip the License to practice Law from these corrupt unscrupulous lawyers and Judges.

    With the Washington State Bar Association having a frantic death grip on the monopoly privilege of judging lawyers by other lawyers. Which is as ridiculous and self defeating as having Laws put in place that exclusively reserve the Right of Gang members to only be able to be legally Judged by other fellow gang members

    Having this be even more compounded by the fact that Washington State is one of the few remaining States in the entire nation that has no provision for a Judicial Ombudsman to represent the public when these Severely Corrupt attorneys, Washington State Bar Association, Courts and their Clerks Office’s intentionally ignore/violate Constitutionally guaranteed Right for a citizen to demand to be Judged fairly by an unbiased, non-corrupt group of their piers/ fellow citizens known as a “JURY”.

    Especially if the case would involve a criminal matter concerning one of the many corrupt Lawyers and Judges that are so abundant within the boundaries of the State of Washington.

    As has been so clearly evidenced by my own specific Case whereas the thoroughly encrusted with severe corruption Clerks Office of Kevin Stock of the Pierce County Superior Court Clerks Office will lie to you, intentionally mis-direct you with malice, refuse to file jury demand documents as they did to me.

    Telling me that they would only accept a Jury Demand on “Pierce County Only” Official Jury Demand Form, which of course do not really exist. And their Law Library is clearly involved with this Conspiracy to defraud the public by refusing to produce Documents such as this, or an injunction form. Which by doing so is Criminal violation of USC Title 42 and a Federal Offence.

    So I created one of their Non-existent Pierce County Only Jury Demand Forms for this Felony Corrupt lying scum Clerks Office, so they would finally file my Jury Demand. I prepaid for the Jury as required, received my paid in full receipt. So they just stole my money pre-paid for the Jury, never provided the Jury, and intentionally improperly assigned my case to the Severely corrupt Court Commissioner Johnson.

    Whereas Johnson did not rescue himself from hearing a case where they were retaliating against a victim/me and criminally via RICO, Color Of Law Stealing my home, Office and Shop of the last 32 years.

    Which first according to Washington State Law required the case to be assigned to a real Judge and mandated to be judged by a Jury when involving Real Estate. When this is violated, it clearly states that all Orders produced from this proceeding are NULL & VOID.

    Did Not Matter to this Corrupt Criminal SCUM that Rule over & run the Pierce County Washington State Superior Court. Even though I openly Objected to the bogus Proceeding, informed them that they had no authority or jurisdiction Due to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court intentionally violating the Void Judgment Doctrine whereas Judge Brian Lynch finally agreed to Rescue himself from my case due to the fact Judge Lynch was still vigorously attempting to Rule over a Case he was Originally the assigned attorney in. Then corruptly not fulfilling the prescribed procedure following Rescue by providing me a new unbiased Judge & Case number and allowed to start Fresh.

    Which clearly according to written Law (the Void Judgment Doctrine) made all of Judge Lynch’s prior Orders & Rulings Null& Void. Also any Orders & Rulings by any other Court there after Null& Void . having no legal ground, effect , Jurisdiction or authority.

    Even though I Clearly Objected and Pointed this Out to this Corrupt Conspiring Commissioner Johnson, he clearly stated on court transcript that he did not know anything about Federal Law, and that he had heard that I thought both U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judges Brian Lynch & Paul Snyder were severely corrupt, so that by the end of this proceeding, I would feel that he was severely Corrupt too!

    It has nothing to do with simply my isolated personal opinion , according to the Facts, Washington State Law and clearly listed required Court procedure, commissioner Johnson is nothing short of the walking epitome of Corruption itself.

    Even though I openly objected to this sham conspiracy corrupt proceeding improperly assigned to Commissioner Johnson and told commissioner Johnson that the only reason I was in that court, or in Bankruptcy Court at all, was specifically due to the Pierce County Superior Court and its Clerks Office allowing Suspended from Practice(now disbarred) attorney Gregory E. Grahn to continue to practice Law multiple times while currently suspended and unlicensed to practice Law anywhere. Also allowing Grahn, fellow attorney Geoffrey Cross and my now ex-wife to commit Felony crimes of conspiracy to Defraud, the actual Fraud itself by illegally with holding my quit claim deed release to my home that was proposed by these criminally corrupt attorneys in Superior Court. Then the felony Grand theft of $1500.00 more of my money from their controlled Trust account. This $1500.00 representing money that I had agreed to release upon the immediate delivery to me of the signed and notarized quit claim deed release to my home.

    That after this agreed to in court deal was intentionally violated, defrauding me of my signed and notarized quit claim deed release , and thousands more of my money stolen by these criminally insane and corrupt attorneys from their “Trust” account. That I had filed “Time & Date” stamped Motions for Contempt of court, and another motion the following day as an Emergency Motion titled to save the Family home, both with detailed attachments fully describing the situation and as to how this was illegally damaging my credit and forcing my home into default, foreclosure and possibly either lose my home to foreclosure or be illegally forced to file for a totally unnecessary fraudulent filing of Bankruptcy due to that being the one and only one way to avoid the illegal forced loss of my custom built prime lakefront home of the prior 20 years. Having these felony criminal acts destroying my good & hard earned credit.

    But the severely corrupt and Gross Unprofessional negligent Superior court that had allowed the multiple appearances and Unlicensed Practice of Law by Grahn, had decided to intentionally not reply or respond to my filed Time & Date Stamped Motions and allow these most serious Felony Crimes be committed towards me after being Officially notified of these currently ongoing Felony crimes being committed. All due to the fact that the Grossly Unprofessional Negligent Pierce County Superior Court was 100% liable for Grahn even being there in the first place, let alone remain there and be able to commit the felony crimes of conspiracy to defraud, the actual fraud itself and the Grand theft of my money from the trust account.

    So these severely Corrupt Spineless Cowards that run, Rule over the Courts and operate the Clerks Office of the Pierce County Superior court intentionally ignored my Time & Date Stamped motions Officially alerting them to these currently ongoing Felony crimes being committed towards me by the attorneys Grahn , Cross and my now ex-wife. Including the Superior Court signing a totally illegal Court Order stripping and defrauding my innocent children from their guaranteed Right to receive child support from their own mother. Which is in clear violation of Washington State Law and Federal Law.

    Did not matter to this criminal corrupt , totally unaccountable Superior Court, they continued to violate sworn Oath to Office, commit clear violation of the Civil RICO Act of Corruption, Color of Law and maliciously allow me and my children to be defrauded, and me & my home be illegally forced into foreclosure and then into bankruptcy.


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