IT’s OFFICIAL: New York Government is corrupt, says the Moreland Commission

Back in June CorruptWA ran a story that New York was going to investigate charges of government corruption.  

This Is New York’s second attempt to “investigate corruption”.  The first attempt was back in 2009 and investigated by the New York State Senate chaired by Senator John Sampson. That effort fizzled out … if I recall John Sampson was  later indicted for Corruption.  Go figure!

However those that testified in NY’s first “investigation” presented overwhelming evidence of massive  corruption within the legal establishment.  Go here to listen to testimony presented in the first Senate investigation into judicial and lawyer corruption

Now we have a new investigation. This became the Moreland Commission Appointed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.  Now, after a few short months, the Commission has made it official,

“…reform cannot wait. New York needs comprehensive reform to restore the public trust and change the permissive culture of both illegal and legal corruption in state government.”

Kathleen Rice, Co-Chair of the Moreland Commission, said,

“This report is a stinging indictment of our state’s porous laws and of many of the politicians, patrons and political players who protect and benefit by them.”

While it is encouraging that NY has actually completed an investigation into government corruption and now it is “official” New York is corrupt, it isn’t a surprise and it isn’t enough! People need to be outraged in the fact that our ‘public servants’ cannot be trusted!!!  We are lied to so often about so many different things that we tune them out, when we should march them out of town!

Please circulate these stories because we need Americans, people who recognize the value of ‘TRUTH AND HONOR’, who will become solders in the battle to reform our public servants.

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  1. If anyone out there, reading about NY, and living in “Anywhere USA”, believes that this type of behavior isn’t going on in your State, it’s time to take a reality check. Because you don’t hear of it (and that’s the reality piece…you aren’t supposed to) does not mean it isn’t happening.
    Next time you need the services of an attorney, go to three, take notes, investigate. You must treat your attorney as you treat a doctor…ASK QUESTIONS…and above all, AVOID PROBATE. If you really want your heirs to be protected, you must be vigilant and educated.

    I, and countless others, have learned the hard way. What’s going on in NY demonstrates the extent to which the Judiciary, attorneys and politicians will go to block the rights of the average citizen….by cover-up, delays, manipulating the press, and retribution towards those who seek to uncover the secretive methods used to manipulate the Justice System. More importantly, get involved…

    If this sounds a bit “preachy”, it is actually. I wouldn’t want another victim, especially caretakers of a disabled person, to go through what I’ve been going through in NY Probate for the last SEVEN years and counting.

    Thank you.

  2. Start with the fraudulent, collusive and racketeering court system. It is the root cause of public distrust. The judges and lawyers are all ABA buddies and the public is on to it. It’s high time politicians step up to the plate and work to protect the taxpaying public that put them in office.

    • Greg, you are “spot on”….the focus of this site and other grassroots organizations is to EXPOSE. Any average, everyday citizen could not/would not believe the scope of the organized fraud and malfeasance which is embedded in our systems….as this “legal theft” becomes a topic of concern, there is room for change. Look at Governor Cuomo, ….this is not a man of or for the people. There are so many many stories, and we will be publishing them as we quickly as we can.

      Thank you for your comments.

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