Family Court Legislation proposed to U.S. Congress and State Legislatures · Causes

Family Court Legislation proposed to U.S. Congress and State Legislatures · Causes.

Published on Feb 21, 2013

Children and Family Court Legislation proposed to U.S. Congress and State Legislatures by Lawless America.

Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt. The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true. In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

One feature length documentary movie is being produced. It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals. In addition, videos will be produced for each state and for each type of corruption. Everyone interviewed for the film recorded a three-minute segment that will be done as testimony before Congress as well as a 30-60 minute on-camera interview with Bill Windsor, founder of and the revolutionary Party. The legislators in each state are receiving the testimony from those in their state, and the members of the U.S. House and Senate will receive all of the testimony nationwide.

Over 750 people were interviewed for the movie.


“Justice is a part of the human makeup. And if you deprive a person of Justice on a continuous basis, it’s really an attack (and not to get religious or anything) but it’s an attack on the human soul. We have, as societies, evolved ideas of Justice and we have done that because human nature needs Justice and it needs resolution. And if you deprive somebody of that long enough they’re going to have reactions…” ~ Juli T. Star-Alexander – Executive Director, Redress, Inc.


  1. Judge Robert Fairchild of Douglas County District Court in Lawrence, KS releases confidential banking statements and records of Leslie and Cinda Hazlewood to opposing attorney Emily Donaldson while documents were for “in camera only” and not to leave Judge’s chambers. Violation of privacy? Would you want the Judge to give her your bank account information? NO she had not been given any judgment to conduct collections activity.

  2. Judge Robert Fairchild of Douglas County District Court Lawrence, KS gives attorney Emily Donaldson a “FOREIGN JUDGMENT” to pursue theft of property owned by Cinda Hazlewood in Jefferson County. This is based on a JUDGMENT given due to no attorney represented Leslie and Cinda Hazlewood and Judge Fairchild is biased so awarded anything asked even knowing the testimony and evidence was a total FRUAD by the opposing attorney and bankers!

  3. Judge Robert Fairchild of Douglas County District Court of Lawrence, KS voids legal deed to property with rights of survivorship so court appointed Conservator can sell and pocket all proceeds with no disclosure or accounting. Judge Fairchild refused to acknowledge witnesses and documents in behalf of Cinda Hazlewood POA and Georgia Hess even testimony of the attorney John Immel that his client Georgia Hess was clear and competent when she gifted her home of her intentions. The STATUTE OF TIME had also ran out for the opposing attorney Emily Donaldson to have any claim or case in behalf of COURT APPOINTED CONSERVATOR BANKER Barbra BRAA of Corner Bank of Lawrence, KS. Also note that DOUGLAS COUNTY BANK of Lawrence,KS Mr. J. Michael Davies was given certified and legal notice by ELDER TRUST CUSTOMER
    Georgia Hess of her intentions of moving the TRUST from Douglas County Bank by Oct 1, 2011. Mr. J. Michael Davies, Trust Officer and member of KS BAR then files PROBATE petition in Douglas County District Court to declare Georgia Hess incompetent and Judge Robert Fairchild signs Emergency Orders with no due process served to trump legal POA and appoint recommendations for CONSERVATOR BANKER and GUARDIAN! No research in false claims or request into prior medical history where the court would have been made aware of COMPETENCY TESTING results done at Lawrence Memorial HOSPITAL 4th floor Social Services in 2009 to Georgia Hess. Georgia Hess had also filed FDIC complaints against Douglas County Bank for unauthorized monitoring of her personal accounts! In frustration she moved her checking to another bank. NO inventory of the contents of her safety deposit box held at Douglas county Bank disclosed by CONSERVATOR Barbra Braa. No factual inventory or accounting of personal property removed from the home of Georgia Hess the banker took and sold. Judge Fairchild set a hearing date for OCT 15th 2012 and proceeds to sign court order granting the sale for September 23,2012? Now her home has been sold and the other two owners threatened with eviction? Again NO DISCLOSURE or accounting for the sale?
    NO LEGAL POSITIONS were in place due to Georgia Hess had dismissed this TRUST OFFICER AND MEMBER OF THE KS BAR prior to his filing this PROBATE PETITION! Not they have gone through the TRUST FUNDS, all personal property, and sold gifted Real Estate while keeping her locked behind closed doors at ALVAMAR CORPORATION OWNED facilities: BRANDON WOODS and now DRURY PLACE. Georgia Hess was moved against her will from her Assisted Living apartment at Pioneer Ridge and no legal due process was served on her or her legal POA? She is alive and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGIA HESS who will be 103 years old New Years Day 2014. Gone completely through TRUST FUNDS litigating against her legal rights and appointments and she is alive. Now the corrupt attorney and the X attorney are fighting over the Real Estate owned by Cinda Hazlewood in Jefferson County and Judge Fairchild has again aided the attorney EMILY DONALDSON from his jurisdiction in DOUGLAS COUNTY over to out of his jurisdiction to steal in Jefferson County and influence the JUDGE in Jefferson County.

  4. The previous TRUSTEE of the Helen H. Page Smith TRUST was sued by Georgia Hess in 2009. The TRUST then moved to Douglas County Bank due to over SIX YEARS of no accounting and no expenses paid to Georgia Hess heir and LIFE TIME BENEFICIARY. Per the TRUST document Georgia Hess has the legal right to move the TRUST to a financial management company of her choice! Douglas County Bank was given notice to failure to pay expenses for the caregivers hired by Georgia Hess. They had been paying and then the TRUSTEE decided to stop paying! To pay under consumer law acknowledges his was a valid expense? Attorney for John Inverarity past TRUSTEE was EMILY DONALDSON……a settlement was reached MAR of 2012 while attorney Emily Donaldson claims she represents GEORGIA HESS? It is actually BARBRA BRAA of CORNER BANK court appointed CONSERVATOR. ATTORNEY FEES HAVE BEEN PAID OUT TO EMILY DONALDSON by way of BOTH TRUSTEES since 2009 and continues when they claim they must steal and sale property to “PAY THE EXPENSES OF GEORGIA HESS”! Also NOTE that when POA full time caregiver Cinda Hazlewood helped her Grandmother statements show expensives for her Assisted Living were approximately $5,000 per month. Emily Donaldson and CONSERVATOR BANKER BARBRA BRAA claim costs run over $14,000 a month but fail to disclose what that amount of money is paying per month in behalf of Georgia Hess? ATTORNEYS, TWO BANKERS, and GUARDIAN?
    Litigation to disinherit all heirs? COMPLAINTS were filed with the STATE OF KS. This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and it is cut and dry UNETHICAL on any level of PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT would you not agree? Entire TRUST and ESTATE depleted for PROFITEERS!

  5. Dec 10, 2013 Judge Robert Fairchild of Douglas County District Court gives opposing attorney Emily Donaldson “FOREIGN JUDGEMENT” to present in her case to contiue legal THEFT of property owned by Cinda Hazlewood in Jefferson County. Note another attorney of this law firm has been added to the pay role of the TRUST FUNDS!

  6. Attorney Adra Burks of Lawrence, KS is awarded a Judgement of over $57,000 for her fees against Leslie and Cinda Hazlewood by Judge Robert Fairchild Douglas County District Court of Lawrence, KS. Adra Burks makes TWO court appearances one she talks and is there less than ONE HOUR and the other she just sits there while the JUDGE hands over her clients personal bank records to opposing attorney Emily Donaldson. In Jefferson County KS Adra Burks is in litigation against attorney Emily Donaldson and another attorney now added into THE POT OF TRUST MONEY…..and PROPERTY. Adra Burks is claiming a mortgage and attorney fees for over $15,000 against her client Cinda Hazlewood. SELF REPRESENTATION? Donaldson is claiming she is entitled to the property due to VOIDED DEEDS by Judge Robert Fairchild and a judgment for all Real Estate and $250,000 PLUS open end additional fees “TO BE DETERMINED”. Adra Burks filed a MOTION TO WITHDRAW prior to the hearing so due to NO LEGAL REPRESENTATION in behalf of Cinda and Leslie Hazlewood Judge Fairchild gave Donaldson everything she wanted and the OPEN END ADDITIONS! NOTE Adra Burks allowed her client Cinda Hazlewood to under go TWO DAYS of depositions when FEDERAL LAW states no more than SEVEN HOURS? Also note this was AT THE EXPENSE OF HER CLIENTS and LESLE HAZLEWOOD had given her notice he had changed his mind signing her contract for additional fees and claims to anything she might recover. WHEN Adra BURKS filed a Lis Pendis in her own behalf and then Judge Robert Fairchild voided the deed to the home she was getting HER CUT OUT OF THE PROCEEDS WITH DONALDSON….Neither her LIS PENDIS nor her clients interest was acknowledged in the REAL ESTATE and SALE OF THEIR HOME. BURKS had refused to handle the sale of the JEFFERSON COUNTY PROPERTY in behalf of her client Cinda Hazlewood to ATT Wireless! NOW she is adding into her claim ATT and others such as JEFFERSON COUNTY and the previous owners who sold the cell tower lease to AP WIRELESS and another bank is now involved. Donaldson represents the CONSERVATOR BANKER FOR GEORGIA HESS but there was NO MORTGAGE against the property of CINDA HAZLEWOOD to GEORGIA HESS? There was a legal promissory note that would have been PAID OUT IN FULL WITH INTEREST but DONALDSON and BURKS killed the sale to ATT as their claims are more than ATT was paying for the property and there was NO COMPENSATION in behalf of the client of ADRA BURKS which is Cinda Hazlewood? SELF SERVICE would you not agree AGAIN!

  7. Over a year ago I attempted to contact Bill, this was right before the totally out of control severely corrupt Judicial System here in Wa. State retaliated once again against me and set me up for the Fraudulent theft of my prime waterfront custom built home, Office building and 5 car fully equipped automotive shop, all of my vehicles, boats, trailers, essential specialty tools and equipment, all my
    Snap On hand tools, over 300 items of my prized personal possessions, family heirlooms, all ammunition , clothing , my brief cases, files and records in my office building, right down to my toothbrush. This case was given birth to by the Corrupt Superior Court ,its pathological lying Clerk Kevin Stock, his top assistants in the Clerks Office. Retired Judge Armijo’ who all allowed Suspended from practice attorney Gregory E. Grahn to continue to practice Law multiple times in the Superior Court on my divorce case while currently suspended from Practice. This retaliatory theft of my last remaining hard asset now years after this same ongoing criminal corruption case was given birth to by the unprofessional negligence unethical corrupt conduct of the Superior Court, the severely corrupt Pierce County sheriffs Dept. that in truth amount to nothing less than Judge Chushcoff’s personal army of law breaking enforcers and henchmen. This felony act of Fraud and Grand Theft of catastrophic proportion was the enjoined efforts of U.S.Bankruptcy Court Judge Paul Snyder, Judge Brian Lynch, U.S. District Court Judge Benjamin Settle, Judge Chushcoff of the Sup.Ct. all who of which continuously violated my right to Due Process of Law, Right to a Jury, and enjoined themselves with this Color Of Law RICO Ridden Felony Conspiracy Cover up and set me up, my home and property up for a totally fraud underserved illegal unannounced to the public fake fraudulent auction theft of my home of the last 32yrs. Doing this to obstruct Justice, prevent investigation, accountability, public disclosure, liability for all of this. I had good hard earned credit, I did not owe anyone but the house that the attorneys involved had refused to allow me to make the Payments on with my own money they had controlled and continually depleted over 80k of during the 2.5 yrs they had drug the soles off their shoes with this divorce while they were effectively robbing from me my beach house and commercial property in Gold Beach Oregon, the other lakefront home I had for a Rental here in Wa.State, diverting sales proceeds from an identified fully approved 1031 property exchange into their immediate reach and disposal, I filed time and date stamped motion for contempt of court in the Sup.Ct. and a Emergency motion in the Sup.Ct. made several ph, calls to the Sup,Ct. and sent a letter to the Clerk & judge Armijo’ explaining all of this and notifying them all of the 3 separate felony crimes of conspiracy to defraud , the actual fraud it self of my intentionally maliciously with held deed release to the family home that was agreed to in his court to be provided to me signed and notarized in no more than 24hrs from the time of that hearing in exchange for me allowing another $1500.00 of my money to be paid to Grahn upon delivery of the deed release to me. the attorneys stole the money, refused to provide the deed release specifically telling me on the phone that I was now going to be forced tolose the home to foreclosure or beforced to file for a totally unnecessary credit, career and quality of life wrecking bankruptcy in my one and only one way of stopping the loss of our home. they also defrauded from me and my children their right to the previous Court ordered child support that had been refused to be paid by their mother for over 2 years, which it is illegal to strip from innocent children their right to child support from an able bodied parent in this State. But that did not matter, the corrupt superior Court Judge signed the Order anyway. This has cost me to date over $2,250.000.00 out of pocket which is a mere spec of sand to what in truth this has really cost me. The case is currently down in the ninth Curcuit court having its right to due process be violated once again as the ninth circuit enjoins the court with all this corruption and criminal conspiracy here in Wa. State. Having the home theft take place all on the authority and jurisdiction of a known Null& void Order after Judge Lynch had finally rescue himself from my case he was ruling over that he was also the attorney assigned by the mortgage company when I was defrauded of my deed and they were coming after the home. But Void Judgement Doctrine or not, to hell with the Law and they in the out of control riddled with corruption Judiciary that engulfs the entire WSBA, the Supreme Court Clerk and his Office, Chief Justice Madsen, the commission for judicial conduct, the attorney Generals Offfice specifally attorney Maire, the FBI, The U.S.Attorneys Office in Seattle Robert Westinghouse, Tesa Gorman,Jenny Durkan, I pre-paid for a 6 person jury in Sup.Ct after they refused to accept my jury demand forms, telling me I had to file the special Pierce County Only Jury Demand Form, so since they do not exist, I created one for this gutter scum corrupt clerks Office and stood their ready to jump the counter until they filed it. All to no avail, they just stole the money I have receipt for paying them, never provided the jury and put the case before a butt kissing corrupt court Commissioner Johnson who immediately ruled in favor of the insider home and property thieves Edward C.& Denise L. Voss. Having this $450,000.00 prime lakefront custom built home fraudulently sold/stolen at a unannounced to the public , 1 insider only Voss’s purchasing agent Cindy Hornbuckle who represented Voss’s, Vestus company and Windermere Reality who are currently under investigation for mass fraud. The fake fraudulent Auction was arranged by the creditors Attorney Schweet in Seattle Wa. who’s wife Laura Schweet just happens to own& run Rainier foreclosure Services Inc.that sold/fraudulently conspired to steal ny home at this fake auction that no body else was informed so as to be able to attend, doing this all in 1 minute for 1 bid to the 1 and only bidder for 1 dolar over opening bid of 100k!!!! which would not even pay for 60% of the dirt under the home, separate Office building, large fully equipped patio right by the shoreline of the lake. Flagrant thievery dependant upon the judicial corruption they are tightly knit with including the Voss’s attorney Michael Jordan of Tacoma Wash and Landlord solutions Jim Henderson who both share the same exact address in Tacoma Wa. making for a nice little in house tidy little foreclosure mill to our homes personal possessions and complete with members of the judicial System among their Ranks and with the combined protection of the severely corrupt Pierce county Superior Court & Pierce county Sheriffs Dept. ,the U.S. Bankruptcy court, the U.S. District Court, the U.S. Trustee in Seattle , the U.S. Attorney in Seattle which are both located at the very same location that Google just sent me the notice for my account being invaded on my computer multiple times with the map they sent me showing this exact location in /seattle where this wire fraud and theft took place multiple times. I have attempted to contact this specific site here twice before to just have somebody to speak to about all of this illegal felony life wrecking home and property thieving corruption, but I have never received even so much as 1 reply to my emails to them. I sometimes wonder if some of these sites are just simply decoys to entice a sucker like me to spill his guts and heart out in hope of getting some joined numbers together so as to possibly get some justice from an impossible to get Justice from engulfed with corruption Judicial System here in the State of Wa. which just happens to be one of the few States with no judicial Ombudsman which would start to explain why this so out of control corruption continues to flourish and grow like the biggest healthiest cancer tumor we have ever seen. There is no happy new year or justice in the State of Washington.

    • Here in Kitsap County, Superior Court Judge Jennifer Forbes, slapped an injunction on an elderly widows use of her own easement. This then caused a dispute between this elderly widow and a logging company who secured a right to use the easement to harvest trees. The logging company sued the elderly widow and the same Judge, Forbes, found this widow in breach of contract and awarded the logger ‘title’ to the widows land. In other words, Judge Forbes’ “injunction” resulted in this widow losing her land because no one was permitted to use the ‘easement’.

      • The reason this sort of thing happens is that 40 years ago there were two well educated mature Judges in the Kitsap Superior Court (Jay Hamilton and Robert Brian), few cases because people most often solved their own problems.
        Today the high quality library that once occupied almost an entire floor has been replaced with 15 or more courtrooms for “affirmative action” Judges who don’t even grasp the fundamental concept of excluding hearsay bent only on exercising power. Armed missionaries of the current politically correct philosophy and their own social class: the Ruling Class.

  8. IS it just a fluke that Douglas County Bank has connections and affiliations by banking branches with Alvamar? It comes in handy when you need an ELDERLY TRUST CUSTOMER LOCKED in a ward at their facility Brandon Woods while they hold hearing to trump legal rights and POA! Complaint with the STATE OF KS was denied due to ALVAR OWNED property DRURY PLACE is not state licensed? So the STATE OF KS can not get involved over Georgia Hess is now locked behind doors on second floor of DRURY PLACE with a guardian instructions and non certified care giver as body guard. NOTE when dumped into FULL CARE NURSING behind locked doors in a ward at BRANDON WOODS Georgia Hess was removed against her will from her Assisted Living Apartment at Pioneer Ridge in Lawrence, KS. She was taken to Brandon Woods while all her rights and property was taken! She was a LEVEL THREE care plan and not in need of mental testing or full care nursing? EMERGENCY ORDERS were signed by Judge Robert Fairchild to restrain her legal POA while a court appointed conservator and guardian was put in place. The court appointed guardian recommended by BANKER TRUST OFFICER ANDE MEMBER OF KS BAR Mr. J. Michael Davies just happened to be Robert Barnett PHD and SPOUSE of one of the beneficiaries of the TRUST named HELEN H PAGE SMITH REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST and GEORGIA HESS is LIFE TIME BENFICIARY…..Mr. Davies asked Mr. Barnett to help him declare Georgia Hess incompetent…Mr Barnett testifies he felt is was against his better judgement but he did it for DAVIES and then stepped down? He also gave a hand written instruction he claimed was a restraining order keeping the legal POA and FAMILY away from Georgia Hess while she was moved against her will and put through this ordeal. NOw Janis Miskimins is Guardian for Georgia Hess. She just happens to be a client of the X attorney for Cinda Hazlewood? She has filed false complaints and threatens arrest if Cinda tries to talk to or visit her Grandmother Georgia Hess? She claims there is a restraining order done by ALVAMAR DRURY PLACE because a WELL BEING CHECK WAS REQUESTED OF THE LAWRENCE POLICE DEPT and the Lawrence Police were denied seeing Georgia Hess by management at DRURY PLACE. There is a formal complaint against the guardian for not letting family know Georgia Hess was failing….not taking Georgia Hess to the hospital and claiming her reason when Georgia was bleeding from her rectum was that “NOTHING COULD BE DONE ANYWAY”? False allegations to keep family away from Georgia Hess time and again. Failure to cancel appointments made in advance for visits. How would you feel if it was your Grandmother?

  9. Over 40 attorneys in the Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City areas turned down representing us against these people in KS!
    Because nobody would help us or take the case Judge Robert Fairchild refused to acknowledge the legal documents or testimony in our behalf! He has signed court orders and allowed our rights and property stripped away right along with my Grandmother’s Georgia Hess and she is literally a prisoner because my Aunt left a LARGE TRUST OF MONEY! Also she owned property….Those are her crimes.
    She did nothing wrong and consulted attorneys and paid them out of her personal funds for their services.

  10. We are very fortunate that people of this quality, character, maturity, energy and intelligence are willing to work for the re-creation of a rational and just rule of law.

    The state, its agents and the legal system have become self appointed,unaccountable “legislators”, a law unto themselves in a
    a deceptively named “war on terror” (against cooked up domestic violence, racism, child abuse and other witch hunts) against the citizens by this Ruling Class– Most to employ and enrich themselves through cruelty to others.

    When the kind of people here give up petitioning for redress,
    a horrifying, bloody and destructive struggle will overwhelm
    all our lives in either a rebirth of freedom or the end of the last great hope of mankind.

  11. 2-12-12
    To all those with morals and to all those who love all children, that this David J. Glass Esq. PhD would giggle & laugh at me while waiting to see the judge. Shortly after this attached letter dated 2-12-12 was received by the community of Malibu, CA this David J. Glass Esq. PhD conspired to injure a 3rd party (myself), suborned perjury and falsified evidence just before he closed down his practice and went to FMBK Law. The CA State Bar has just received a 2nd complaint regarding this matter.


    2-12-12 Mr. Graham J Miller


    To The Principals of Malibu Elementary Schools and To Whom it may concern within the LAUSD and SMMUSD administrations, Directors or other persons.
    Dear Sir Madam or MS,

    I am writing to you firstly as a parent. I have a child in a Malibu public school. I am also writing as a Citizen, and therefore concerned in a more global manner with issues that I personally find disturbing and relevant. I believe a possible failure to perform to ethical codes of several professions, let alone what any normal person may find to be reasonable is about to, and could in the future lead to embarrassment, public consternation and at best a complete lack of faith ,trust and confidence in the above agencies.

    I have recently been informed by my daughter Lily-Jane Faith Miller that her mother has taken her out of Callahan elementary (Northridge); and she is now at some school in Malibu district. (Grade 2)

    My reasons for my concern follow.

    Within the Malibu school district there is a teacher, (C Cullen) who has accused her ex-husband of two counts of sexual abuse of their son, and 5 other counts of abuse of their son (11). This alleged abuse according to Ms. Cullen and her Attorney took place over the past 5 years.

    I would like a notation in my daughter’s file that she is never to be placed in class with the above person as her “(my daughters)” teacher. I apologize in in that I amenable to provide more details on my daughter’s whereabouts (school) but her Mom has not provided that info. I’m sure Dr Jacob the principal at Callahan would be able to assist.

    In MS Cullen’s divorce and custody case she utilized the services of a Mr. D Glass Esq.(Attorney) Mr Glass is also a PhD in Psychology .Mr. Glass was also utilized by the mother of my daughter, Lily -Jane in my own divorce and custody matter. Mr. Glass a Psychologist/ Attorney and mandated reporter saw fit to bring allegations of sexual abuse of a child and 4 allegations of other forms of abuse of MS Cullen’s son Sammy before family court. These all were investigated by the Police DCFS, and the District Attorney. They were found to be without either Medical or Credentialed 3rd party verification and closed therefore as unsubstantiated. These allegations were brought by MS Cullen via the services of Mr. Glass and occurred regularly before the summer school break on a yearly basis. MS Cullen had also recently remarried a Mr Brian Winsick another Teacher and coach in the Conejo Valley. Their marriage took place just prior to the allegations beginning.

    I will now outline my concerns and reasons for the request of the notation in my daughters file.

    It is my belief that the relationship between this teacher Ms. Cullen and her attorney and my own ex-wife and the same attorney is cause for reasonable concern. That to avoid any unfortunate incident where god forbid I was to be accused by my daughter’s mother of something similar as MS Cullen accused her ex-husband of it is imperative no establish able link is in place as could lead to suspicion of collusion. The worst case scenario that Ms. Cullen at some time becomes my daughters teacher and subsequently claims are made that perhaps my daughter had inferred to MS Cullen that I had abused her ( Lily-Jane) and MS Cullen then could relate this to my daughters mother through their mutual attorney, or contact at school is beyond horrific. I feel the separation of my daughter and this teacher protects LAUSD/SMMUSD and my daughter and me.

    In a more global sense I am concerned that a teacher married to another teacher and coach and an attorney who is also licensed as a psychologist made no attempt to make aware the LAUSD or the SMUSD of their concerns. (Two allegations of Sexual abuse and five other allegations of abuse.) Surely some ethical codes of their respective professions would demand other relevant or parties who could be impacted be advised.

    When a teacher finds the resources to pay $500 an hour to a Beverly Hills Attorney for 5 years surely there is a need for verification that such allegations will bring in terms of the expenses the County and State will bear during the protracted conflict. Especially if the accused has been made indigent by the continued claims and has suffered stress or work issues stemming from such accusations and is no longer paying taxes.

    As a parent I certainly would be outraged if I knew my child’s teacher was aware of a legitimate abuse situation and if, as in this case it included Sexual Abuse allegations and that teacher did nothing to bring attention to it as could protect other children I would expect answers. Specifically why and how a person(s) (2 Teachers, (Coach), An Attorney/Psychologist) would go ahead and consciously disregard accusations of such a serious nature, and then they having brought these allegations before family court and the district attorney go ahead and let other parents arrange activities with the person they were accusing of abuse in a manner as would expose other children to the accused.

    What is more disturbing and I expect the press will find disturbing is that repeated allegations of this nature are often utilized in family conflicts and that this is acceptable is in fact a failure of morality within our society. I believe this failure may have had a profound societal impact.

    That the failure of an application of evidentiary standards as are normally applied in criminal matters may have allowed credentialed persons possibly with questionable motive to use family court in a manipulative and deceitful way to achieve their own ends appears to me to be worthy of consideration.

    This epidemic of claims of abuse of children caught in such situations, (family breakups) versus children, who suffer actual abuse , desensitizes the general public and governmental agencies and allows real and dangerous criminals to hide and operate with virtual impunity in our society. It is beyond Peter and the Wolf it is an ongoing crime against humanity. To falsely perpetrate something that I believe leads to what we are now facing in the LAUSD and SMMUSD and may have exacerbated, perpetuated and indeed by lack of action condoned events and actions that possibly has led to emotional; mental and even physical harm to any child is heinous.

    I believe because of the actions as I have described many prior red flags have been ignored in many abuse situations and much suffering and harm and expense could have been avoided if a less commonplace attitude of children was the norm.

    Indeed in the immediate situation with (C Cullen, B Winsick )either the allegations were scurrilous and a product of vitriol, and an attorney(PhD Psych) with who knows what motivation (7 Claims) and that these claims were worthy of public expense .Or these persons were aware the claims they were bringing were false and therefore not worthy of reporting to LAUISD/SMUSD or other parents.? The alternative is an admission of negligent lack of reasonable due diligence and surely a great lack of concern for the school both pupils and other teachers and parents has been flagrantly displayed in total disregard for the safety and welfare of minors. Whether this is or should be a concern for the bond holders of these persons I do not know. Mr. Glass, Glass family Law and former associate of (Kolodny & Anteau) One of the most respected family law firms in the United States (Mel Gibson Getty, etc.) has been investigated by the CA Bar already in this matter and while the complaint was not upheld a letter suggesting the possibility of civil redress was issued by them.

    The APA also found he did no wrong apparently within their own ethics code.

    The fact remains an Attorney/Psychologist and a Teacher and a Teacher/Coach surely have some duty to the community. The positions of trust and respect they are afforded should allow the general public a reasonableness within their expectation of propriety and protection of the innocent by such credentialed persons.

    Perhaps the LAUSD/SMUSD could incorporate or suggest to the CA Bar a cooperative relationship of a professional nature that would allow this protection to be afforded our children as well as draft a code for the LAUSD/SMUSD’s own employees in such situations.

    Certainly recent events could lead one to surmise that a better clarified way of maintaining the safety and welfare of our children, from both bonifide and false claims of abuse would be helpful. The harm that both real and imagined events can bring to families, as well as collateral persons and an institution such as children’s learning environment should be minimalized at all times.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Graham J Miller.

    885 Avenue of the Americas

    Penthouse 1A

    New York. NY. 10001

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