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    During the course of litigation, Scott Ellerby Bar #16277, by and through his attorney, Jeffrey Downer Bar# 12625 and Gauri S. Locker Bar #39022, unlawfully obtained privileged, private and sensitive mental health records, under an unlawful subpoena and records deposition, from The Front Street Clinc – both Kim Young Oak and Dr. Anton Pryor, and Dr. William J. Chalstrom, PHD. Mental health records are protected under RCW 5.60.060(9) and the deception in the manner these mental health records have been obtained is unlawful and a violation of RCW 9.73. These lawyers never had permission, never had any right to create a hostile environment that aided these lawyers in obtaining privileged communications. See RCW 9A.46.020(1)(iv).

    Furthermore, despite an objection based in privilege (RCW 5.60.060(9)), Russell Hartman (Bar # 7104) aided and abetted in the unlawful intrusion and interception of these mental health records in retribution for my civil action against a WA State Bar colleague Scott Ellerby. Russell Hartman, Bar #7104, is equally liable under RCW 9A.08

    Further more, Joel Penoyar, Bar #6407, Jill Johanson Bar#15649, and Alexander [Bar# unknown] in an unlawful attempt to cover-up Ellerby’s crime, perjured and filed a false report. This despicable and unlawful conduct by lawyers Penoyar, Johanson and Alexander is further documented in my complaint #7410 filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Attached

    These lawyers, who are all members of the WA State Bar, have violated law and violated my statutory privacy, committed a fraud upon the court, committed and suborned perjury, filed false reports and by this unlawful conduct caused injury in excess of $12,000,000. Under RCW 9.73.020 these lawyers are guilty of a crime and must be prosecuted.

    Attached Files:
    Grievance against Joel Penoyar filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. 001

    I affirm that the information I am providing is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
    I have read Lawyer Discipline in Washington and I understand that the content of my grievance can be disclosed to the lawyer.

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