Who is John Darash?

By: Chief Activist

Who is this guy, John Darash? And why has he been a guest on so many talk news radio shows? And why does this guy have individuals across the United States coming together to cause a paradigm shift in the way our public servants operate? Who is this guy and why is he here?

The simple answer is John Darash, and those who are on-board with John’s philosophical approach, are a natural consequence of the ‘corruption’ that permeates our government. If not for our public servants who view themselves above the law; who view themselves as masters over citizens; who view themselves as God almighty, there would NOT be any reason to ask, who is John Darash!

Want to know more about John Darash, visit National Liberty Alliance and become a supporter of his effort.

You can listen to John’s interview with Marti Oakley of the PPJ Gazette As you know I am a big fan of Marti Oakley and have been a guest on her show as well.

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