1. The city of Renton doesn’t like to protect our environment. In August 2004, the detention pond at Windstone broke and sent yellow water down Greenes Stream to May Creek. In December 2004, the developer sent more yellow water down Greenes Stream and the city’s building inspector didn’t stop it. I drove to DOE in Eastgate and State Water Quality Inspectors were appalled by what they saw. DOE officials came out and stopped it – but didn’t fine the developer.

    In January/February 2013, the developer at Piper’s Bluff allowed their detention pond to break 3 different times send yellow muddy water to May Creek via Honey Creek. The water also inundated the wetlands next to the development. Again, neither the city nor the DOE fined (that I know of) the developer. I talked to some people in another part of Renton – Benson Hills, and they have also seen yellow water from development in their creeks and streams.

    Renton also doesn’t like to protect 100’ trees. They say trees are supposed to be protected and replaced, but they are replaced by sticks.


    The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) controls the WA Guardian Board. In February, Ms. Shirley Bondon asked for comments about guardians isolating IPs from family members. She told me that she had a March 31 deadline. I have asked for a copy of the report to the SCJA (Superior Court Judges Association and she is ignoring my request. In 2012/13, there was a criminal case in Mt. Vernon where a guardian stole money from 2 elderly clients.

    Ms. Bondon was asked – along with others – to write a report on the case. In June 2013, I was told that the committee met, made recommendations and disbanded. So far, Ms. Bondon hasn’t written her report. First, I was told that she needed to hire some new employees; then she needed to train them and go on vacation. Here it is April 2014, and she still hasn’t written her report. What’s holding her up? This is how the state protects our senior citizens.

    • guardianship remains an industry, a money maker and unconstitutional. every single state is infested with these corrupt judges,their appointees and hearings. it’s time for the log jam of lawsuits simply on USC violations.
      I guess you have to waste time and play their game reporting them etc and of course getting nothing done.
      Now why would anyone expect anything in writing condemning the system ?
      start naming names and get prepared for the retaliation and DON’T STOP.

      • clarita, you’ve nailed it, the WA State Bar operates like a cartel and their conduct proves they are corrupt. I will NOT STOP in my effort to bring “lawyers” accountable for their crimes and insure they are regulated by ‘citizens’ and not other lawyers. Thanks for your comments.

      • Have you ever seen National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse? Huge site across the country of guardian abuse by the probate thieving courts…. Drugging our elderly and Stealing our families estates.

  2. Bill:

    Here is more into to post about the city of Renton


    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Michael/Claudia Donnelly
    Date: April 7, 2014 1:52:06 PM PDT
    To: Denis Law
    Cc: Rocale Timmons , “Jennifer T. Henning” , Inez Ine Petersen , B Adkins , “Luis (ECY) Buen Abad” , Council , Joseph Roberto
    Subject: more honesty — Piper’s Bluff?

    Mayor Law:

    I’m still waiting for answers to my questions regarding Mr. Beck’s property — and where will the excess storm water runoff go? Most developments have a detention pond/vault or they put the water back into the ground. How come Jennifer won’t answer my questions to her about this development?

    Anyway, I was just down at City Hall and looked at the administrative variance file for Piper’s Bluff. I’m wondering why this development was placed “on hold” while requesting additional information from the developer and yet there are 2 homes being constructed — see pictures? When is the developer going to fix the wetlands they damaged while the detention pond broke 3 different times. How come the sidewalks haven’t been installed yet and their are homes being built? What exactly does “on hold” mean for Renton planners/ staff? Maybe the Council should replace you as the head of the city since this has been happening under your watch — or did I “cause the problem”?

    Have a good day, Mayor Law and staff.

    Claudia Donnelly

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  4. A few years back, we put an end to your needed altering/fluffing of reports such as in clients counseled and client hours in our business development centers (same as recent Veteran issues), the waste of money and the abuse and altering of time (ala Medicaid offices on Campus) in these taxpayer funded, tuition going up small business organizations in partnership with the SBA on CUNY/SUNY campuses. We watched ego, threats and greed replace honesty and transparency—and politics destroy our best in the State Veteran Program, which was the final straw for some of us. Despite CUNY letters of cutbacks written by “Business Directors,” the costs have tripled for limited accomplishment as the taxpayers and student tuition increases pay for this. When these “business leaders” with ties to Albany bigs write of Staten Island’s booming small business economy, maybe they do that for STARTMEUP and the hell with NY personal reasons…and if you wonder why the Governor nixed funding on campuses—just maybe the documents and tomorrow’s headlines are the reason…..The truth has a funny way of eliminating years of corruption and lies—Our Supreme Court victories have proved that—2/18 @bobystyles

  5. Thurston County Family Court Clerk office running scam. They are charging people to file motions that they can do themselves and want to do themselves and telling them they can’t file theirselves. These people are told they need to see the facilitator. One woman charged $30 to $50 each time and the fee for facilitator is $25. The clerk told me there is no waiver of ex parte filing fee. There is waiver of any clerk fee per gr 34. Here is my FB page on TCFC. Please like the page https://www.facebook.com/VictimsOfThurstonCoFamilyCourt/?fref=ts

  6. Does anyone on the site happen to know what the true Core Mission Objective is of the Pierce County, County Council? I went to their site and searched it. They say in general for I am assuming the entire pierce county Government that the Mission Statement & Core Values are??????? Ready? Pursuing Justice!! (gets Better here) Representing the “People”!, (so humble here) Serving “Our” Community.
    Then broken down to justice, “We vigorously protect the rights of the people of Pierce County and “HOLD” the “Offenders” accountable. We Support Crime Victims and their Families!

    2nd- Excellence, We maintain the highest standards of personal and professional performance In service to the community

    3rd.- Teamwork- ( unfortunately I think this might be where some of our problems are given birth to, whereas obviously Teamwork has been interpreted as Cronyism, Rico , severe bias to the team,) although they have teamwork listed as “We work respectfully with “each” other, all members of the justice system, (last but not least, here’s our part) and the community to promote the public good

    Accountability(this one commands me to think the problem a lot of us are having is directly due to the fact, that obviously all of these Judges, Sheriffs, Court Clerks, Council Members just haven’t had the time to read this page. obviously that is why they continuously act as if they are totally bliss/unaware of all of this printed on this page of theirs.

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    Mission Statement & Core Values
    Justice We vigorously protect the rights of the people of Pierce County and hold offenders accountable. We support crime victims and their families. Excellence We main

    Employee Performance Management Competency Examples (160 KB)
    . • Adheres to a set of core values that are represented in decisions and actions … positions or opinions. • Promotes the creation of shared mission, vision, and values … organizational mission and values. Integrates the current plan with other plans as needed … Examples with Performance Statements Page 1 Competency Examples

    5333 doc (88 KB)
    competencies and characteristics: The desire and ability to uphold the mission and core … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community . Core Values … as the ability to perform the essential functions of the position are the following core

    5272 pdf (53 KB)
    : • The desire and ability to uphold the mission and core values of the Pierce County … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community. Core Values … functions of the position are the following core competencies and characteristics

    5272 doc (60 KB)
    the mission and core values of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office as outlined below … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community . Core Values … are the following core competencies and characteristics: The desire and ability to uphold

    5260 doc (60 KB)
    competencies and characteristics: The desire and ability to uphold the mission and core … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community . Core Values … as the ability to perform the essential functions of the position are the following core

    5260 pdf (32 KB)
    the mission and core values of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office as outlined below … . Core Values: Justice: We vigorously protect the rights of the people of Pierce … are the following core competencies and characteristics: • The desire and ability to uphold … customers treating every contact as a valued individual contributing to inclusiveness

    5261 pdf (31 KB)
    and ability to uphold the mission and core values of the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office … product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement: Pursuing … Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community. Core Values … of the position are the following core competencies and characteristics: • The desire

    5261 doc (58 KB)
    and characteristics: The desire and ability to uphold the mission and core values of the Pierce … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community . Core Values … the essential functions of the position are the following core competencies

    5333 pdf (94 KB)
    and ability to uphold the mission and core values of the Pierce County Prosecutor … of work product and operate standard office machines. Mission Statement … : Pursuing Justice. Representing the People. Serving Our Community. Core Values … of the position are the following core competencies and characteristics: • The desire

    My search on their site was “What is the Official function, Official Objective, Official Duty, Purpose of the Pierce County Regional Council?

    no results found

    I know the Regional Council says they function as a legislative representation of the people, But I still cannot isolate just exactly what is the purpose of this regional Council? What is their official duty?
    When they are paid wit our money, what specific worth, product, service is it that we have received that would warrant the expenditures of such noteworthy salaries allocated for these 7Council members?

  7. The reason why I ask about the regional Council is today my poor little sparrow minded self was graced with “1 hr” of Council Member Miss McDonald. .

    As soon as it became readily apparent that I had specific criminal complaints against various members of the Judiciary, the WSBA, , that my issues are specifically related to, gross illegal Felony Public Corruption, Fraud , Felony Grand Theft, Criminal conversion, Criminal RICO and Color of Law, Miss McDonald immediately raised her hand and began to count 3 fingers.

    Beginning with that she and the other council members have absolutely no authority in the courts, the judiciary or the Sheriff’s Dept.,,,,, Then Miss McDonald began to count 3 of her fingers! (This is where she was going to take the time to enlighten me concerning the 3 separate branches of our government) Apparently Miss McDonald felt that providing me with this info would just consume my available mega bites of Ram, and really get my tail wagging!

    As soon as she started to say “separation of Powers Just locked them all out from each other, having no authority , therefore making it impossible for them to assist me.

    This is where I had to enlighten her concerning our governor still being listed as a active and current member in good standing with the WSBA, a Judicial Branch Association, while at the same exact time, being listed as the chief executive officier of the Executive Branch of our State Government. which clearly is in violation of the Official published requirements for the separation of power to comply , and what does not fly.

    Miss McDonald was quick to reply that it was ok for Inslee because he was not actively practicing Law.

    I replied that according to the published requirements of the Sep. of Pow., what Inslee is doing is clearly defined as totally unacceptable . That by having association to both branches at the same time totally defunct’s the purpose and intent of the Sep.f Pow

    This is where things started to get not quite friendly or genuine service to wards me for zip. So since we were buzzing right along here, and Miss McDonald then did reluctantly admit that ol Jay should probably discontinue his membership with the WSBA he is pretending to be our Governor.

    So I thought why stop now, so I showed her all of the emails I received from the legislators house attorney Mr. Logerwell . That how within these specific emails from Mr. Logerwell , he had insisted to me that really, in truth, the WSBA was really an Executive Branch Bar Association ! So making ol Jay boy in the innocent clear!! Then I mentoioned the part about where I replied to Logerwell that if by some magical pervert means the Supreme Court had actually created a Bar Association to be a leg of the Supreme Court charged with the duty of Licensing all attorneys, and disciplining then as well, but yet is still some how classified as an executive Branch Bar Association, knowing that white people have white babies, Black people have black babies, and so on . Two Fords do not produce a Chevrolet.

    So even if this ridiculous line of BS was true, and the WSBA hadn’t already published info concerning them being associated to the Judicial Branch, that would be one thing.

    But according to our Official Legislator house attorney, this is the case and jay is in the clear! Well great then, because that makes every Judge in the State that they themselves represent the Judicial Branch, but according to Logerwell , now every Judge in the entire State is in violation of the Separation of powers. So which one is it logerwell ? It has to be one or the other, either every judge in the state (which 99% of them as far as I know are members of the WSBA)is corrupt and intentionally in violation of the Sep. of Pow. or Inslee is. Its got to be one or the other, game is over .

    At his point, apparently Miss McDonald decided it was time to change the subject., whereas she proceeded to try and tell me that the Sheriffs Dept were not responsible for illegally carrying out Fraudulent null and void Court orders that were obtained via fraud, with criminal intent and malice, so as to violate my rights, commit felony Grand theft, Criminal Conversion robbing my home and everything I own,

    Miss McDonald told that those Sheriff’s don’t know the Law and they don’t know what they are serving, they just know it has a judges signature on it and that’s good enough for them!

    Once again I felt compelled to point out that these professional law enforcement officers had a legal , ethical and sworn Oath responsibility to make sure that the orders and acts they are carrying out , at times with the threat of deadly force , incarceration. That these sheriffs were required to make damn certain what they were doing was legal, not a scam, not intentionally violating a pickup load of guaranteed rights.

    Other wise then it is no different than saying that some of the fella’s that worked for Carbone, Calicurcio , or Baldwin should not and can not be held accountable for carrying out various orders from the boss.

    Then I am reminded that this Council member is not an attorney , therefore not capable of understanding or interpreting our laws that were made for us, designed for us to comprehend, abide by , conduct our business by without the assistance of a 24 /7 attorney.

    So if our “Coucil Members are incapable of understanding the same laws we are as adults required to understand and abide by , or we will be subject to fines, charges, prison, lose our possessions, our right to drive a car and get around , our wages garnished, our credit destroyed from collections and legal proceedings.

    I would be inclined to think that it be equally sufficient for each of us to enter a court room with various charges pending against us, but not have to worry about that at all. We just have to simply point out that we are not attorneys, therefore incapable of understanding these laws, or making any decisions one way or the other regarding them. So with it being unintentional because we do not understand the law, we should also be free to go and it be considered just fine as it is for our Senators and congressmen to tell us the same, thing! That before they can comment on any Law or violation of one, first they must consult with the judoicial branch house staff attorney, because even though they are our Law makers, they don’t know what they mean? Ya sure , OK then , thanks a lot , Sven believes ya . We have reached the point to where if they are all dirty, and riding with RICO, what do we have? You all know what that means, it means it has finally arrived , its all up side down , all fraud with criminal malicious intent . Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share current events .

  8. Thank you Bruce! You described the circus of clowns we have as government servants who both “swear” to “uphold WA’s Constitution” and then claim they don’t have the duty imposed upon them by the Constitution.

    The very first constitutional provision, Article 1, Sec 1, SAYS … “Governments ARE ESTABLISHED to PROTECT INDIVIDUALS…” This begs the question, in what GOVERNMENTS do these clowns hold office if they DON’T PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS?

    I’m sure Ms. McDonald has been told by a WSBA lawyer what her job is … And of course the laws which regulate lawyer conduct makes every lawyer swear to the constitution too PLUS under law, to “never reject the cause of the oppressed for lucre or malice”.

    We have wholesale violation of laws by public servants … so who do we “petition for redress”?

  9. Good point, who do we petition for redress? Clearly once again they are smugly banking on the “no where to turn to scenario”. With it being demonstrated that it is fine for the Governor to be in intentional violation of the separation of Powers, that as long as it is ol Jay boy, that’s no big deal.

    But the Separation of Powers is a really big deal if it concerns one of them actually doing anything for the public at all, let alone uphold our rights, the law or anything else one of them has criminally violated.

    The only time I have seen or heard any mention of the Sep. of Powers, is to use as a road block dead end excuse to prevent any of our representatives from actually doing their job, or assisting us, or exposing criminal Public corruption.

    But never have I read or heard of the Sep. of Powers being referred to that has been beneficial to any one , or group of members of the Public.

    The worn out statement that has been attempted to be used on all of us” I am not an attorney” so let that be the reason why I cannot commit to an answer or a binding opinion to a complaint by any member of the public.

    The nerve of this Fraudulent trash, to say they do not comprehend our Laws, but not blink an eye if one of us is fined or sentenced to prison for having the same impairment of not understanding some Law, or attempting to say that we didn’t understand some Law.

    We all know what the response to that is from the Judiciary, it is our responsibility to know the Laws that have been published, which they use as a way and a means to rationalize fines, punishment or losses to the public.

  10. This is my follow up complaint about my most inadequate meeting with Pierce County Regional Council Miss McDonald that I just filed with Pierce County. I am certain it will demonstrate some of the very same scenarios we all have experienced or been victims of.

    My Response & Complaint concerning the Pierce
    County Regional Council

    Initially, after reviewing Miss McDonald’s most recent News Letter, seeing that she made special mention of the Flood Control issue and the P.C. Sheriff’s Dept. I felt optimistic that possibly Miss McDonald would be receptive to hearing some very serious issues regarding both the direct effects of this scattershot flood control and the Criminally Corrupt actions , including the totally unprofessional , unethical actions of the P.C. Sheriff’s Dept.

    Unfortunately instead of responding to these most serious priority issues, both of which represent catastrophic losses, injuries, both immediate and long term. Miss McDonald showed no interest in viewing any verifiable Official documents, providing me the necessary time to convey the information concerning the other 3 issues, appeared to be perfectly content with misprisioning Criminal Felony RICO Public Corruption.

    Never once indicating that she intended to forward what little information I provided her on to the remainder of the Council or any other Official authority. With Miss McDonald telling me complete untruths concerning the Sheriff’s Dept. not having any Professional responsibility to make sure that the actions they were taking were legal, not violating my Rights, not associated to Criminal RICO Organized Crime, that they were ethical, addressing their Core Mission Statement regarding upholding the Law and my Rights, including not committing further Felony crimes.

    But Miss McDonald kept insisting to me that legally and professionally the Sheriff’s Dept is not responsible for doing any of this which is a known fact that is not true. There are specific RCW references and U.S. Criminal Codes referencing all of the specific aforementioned issues. When I spoke of one particular Judge in the County City Building who has already defrauded me twice, set me up and is clearly involved in Criminal RICO, Criminal Conversion, severe abuse of authority and public trust, Miss McDonald referred to him by his first name, (which would indicate a personal relationship to this Judge, or friends of sorts .

    Whereas no matter how severe the crime is that this Judge is involved with up to his neck, Miss McDonald only attempted to defend his honor and integrity to me. With what information I did manage to convey to Miss McDonald , legally it is her duty and responsibility as a Public Official and a responsible citizen of Pierce County and the State of Washington to take action on this information concerning this most serious Felony crime and public Corruption.

    At least action concerning reporting this to the remainder of the Council & all Official Agencies, Dept.’s, Officials that would be charged with the Official Duty & Authority to investigate and act upon these most serious criminal issues.

    Miss McDonald did tell me that she was incapable of interpreting these violations of our Laws, my and all of our guaranteed Rights, due to her not being an attorney. The specific Laws I reference and Rights I referenced with Miss McDonald were originally designed for us , the public to not only comprehend, but live by and conduct our business by.

    So not only as a public Official charged with Miss McDonalds specific function in her Office of Council but also as an adult citizen of the State of Washington in Pierce County. I find it quite odd that someone hindered by these disabilities to adequately interpret the same laws and Rights we as adults all are expected to successfully interpret, conduct ourselves in accordance with to the letter of the law.

    Quite ODD that someone like Miss McDonald would occupy her Office with such sever disabilities . I say this primarily because if by saying they did not understand these Laws, Rights Etc effectively relieved a person from Official Duty or conducting one self by these same Laws because they were not an Attorney.

    Then if that was a valid and acceptable response, then that is all that would be required of each of us when and if we were taken to court for the violation of these laws or Rights. That we as adult citizens did not fully understand these Laws well enough to make any decision regarding them , so based on that alone, be sufficient to excuse ourselves from the consequences, liabilities , fines or related convictions concerning our violation of these Laws or Rights.

    Having Miss McDonald fixed on the idea of not assisting me in any manor, way , fashion or form, she was quick to attempt to enlighten me regarding the three branches of our government and the old standby ROADBLOCK to prevent any assistance to any victim of public corruption by attempting to use the Separation of Powers as the old standby excuse to prevent any assistance be provided to me , so using the Separation of Powers against the welfare and betterment of the public.

    When in fact, the separation of powers was first enacted with the intent of not providing any residency for public corruption to reside within any of the three branches of our government. Most certainly not intended to prevent the public disclosure of the Criminal acts and the catastrophic injustices committed towards innocent citizens, or Official assistance to those victims.

    But that is how Miss McDonald has interpreted the use of the Separation of Powers, to shield Corruption and Criminal RICO, including to make sure that as far as her official Office and related duties are, that these innocent victims remain victims and their catastrophic financial losses remain life destroying losses.

    So I opted to take a moment to enlighten Miss McDonald to the fact that our current Governor of the State of Washington is and has been consistently in direct violation of the Separation of Powers which is a criminal offense. Miss McDonald attempted to justify Inslee violating the Separation of powers to me , but then reluctantly agreed with me.

    To think that this is the agenda and Official response of a County Council person, I need say no more regarding this brief inadequate meeting with Miss McDonald, it all speaks quite well enough for itself. Most adequately shedding the necessary light on this to effectively see what Miss McDonalds priorities consist of, what her concerns are as well as her true intentions.

    Such as when I was being rushed out of her office after being reminded twice that my time was going to be up soon so this window of make believe opportunity was going to be closing quickly. I attempted to leave with Miss McDonald the folder containing the pictures and pertinent information regarding the Flood Control property and my contact information, but I was told that it was not necessary. Clearly indicating to me that there was no intention to review that material or pass it on to the remainder of the council or anyone else related to the issue.

    My question is this for the moment, is there a boot camp you Officials are mandated to attend before taking office or is there an Official brochure that is passed out concerning a routine for your customers you must follow?

    Such as the Standardized question, ” what is it you would like us to do for you?” Then when and if you have the opportunity to tell them, then comes the ol standby Separation of Powers that is suppose to provide the unmovable road block to having to provide any assistance at all or upsetting the status quo, or risking possible Judicial retaliation for public disclosure of the deplorable truth.

    Honestly , the standardized routine is really quite boring and pathetic to see it continuously attempted to be employed at any and every sign of some Public official having to actually do their job, honor their Sworn oath Duty, be a public servant, prioritize the welfare of the innocent public, up hold the public’s rights and the laws protecting those specific rights.

    If in fact these complaints are indeed reviewed, I would expect a follow up by someone other than Miss McDonald who suffers from not being able to comprehend our laws well enough to know what she must officially do when presented with this type of information that is without question, of vital priority concern to each and every one of us citizens not only in Pierce County but the entire State of Washington.

    Bruce E. Gambill Jr.

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