Ramblings from the activist: Part One

10007371353_4f5708a325_zThe thoughts that continue to invade my thinking are whether or not I am doing any good — not only by exposing corruption, but in fighting against it in the lawsuits that I have filed.

I suppose it is a matter of perspective … ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ so says Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. So I want to explore, with you, if there is a way to determine if all that I write about and do is to move society to the “purpose” for which we exist.

Let me begin with the events that are occurring today of which I have some understanding as my background is in the hard sciences – chemistry, physics, mathematics. Most of us know that scientists are actively seeking answers to explain the Universe – how it was formed, where it is going and everything in between. What is so amazing is that the ‘answers’ seem to come from the most basic element of our reality — the proton. Said another way, scientists are conducting experiments on a single proton to unlock the mysteries of the entire Universe. How can something so small, as a single proton, reveal everything about something so large, the Universe? Clearly, if these scientists are on the right track, a proton contains all the information needed to answer any question regarding any aspect of our physical world.

Biologist have a ‘similar’ fundamental element that they are trying to decipher to learn about living substances – it is DNA. And we all know that every little bit of living matter contains DNA. Regardless from where the living matter is obtained — a hair follicle, skin cell, saliva…, a DNA sample can be obtained that will provide all the information about the ‘whole’ organism from which it was obtained.

A sad fact of either science is that nether the physical sciences look to the biological sciences to “construct a theory” about the whole.

Regardless of this segregation in the disciplines, in each realm of our existence – the physical and the biological, it is the small elements that have the answers to the whole system.

But what about our “consciousness?” Is consciousness a part of the physical realm – that is, a part of a proton? Or is consciousness a part of the biological realm – that is a specific part of DNA? Or is consciousness a third component of our reality – the ‘interface’ that manipulates the physical and biological to accomplish (?).

What do you think…. I’ll post my thoughts later.

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