South Kitsap Teachers vote to strike — we citizens are held hostage again!

South Kitsap Teachers, as is their customary tactic, are threatening to hold the students, the School Board, and the tax-paying citizens of this county hostage to their demands.

Make no mistake about my position on the ‘Teachers Union’ and their deplorable tactics – they are criminals.

My first-hand experience with this corrupt organization — the teachers union — began when I was contacted by a member of the South Kitsap School Board. At the time of this request, which was for me to serve as a citizen volunteer member of the School District’s budget committee, the South Kitsap School district was dealt back-to-back levy defeats by the voters of Kitsap County. If the School District experienced another levy defeat it would mean they would be prohibited from placing another levy request on the ballot for about one year and be forced to make budget cuts.

(Note: This ex-Board member ask I keep personal information confidential because of threats made by teachers/spouses of teachers. These threats, in my view, are simply more ‘psychological blackmail.’)

The reason I was contacted by this ‘board member’ was because the “School Board” was being coerced by the Teachers Union to “sell the levy measure” and that the Board speak with ‘one voice’ in all public statements. In other words, the Teachers Union didn’t want School Board members expressing their individual reservations about the levy measure, which, if they did as this one board member wanted to do, would make a renewed levy request via a ballot measure a certain failure in getting passed. So I agreed to be part of the District’s budget committee serving as a surrogate voice for this ‘threatened board member’.

The budge committee, which I was now a member, was tasked in evaluating community input via a ‘community workshop’ conducted on the district’s spending. This workshop was billed to the community as a way for all citizens to get personally involved in the district’s budget concerns; they could learn about and ask questions as to what things the School District was spending its money.

The community workshop was very well attended — if I remember over 500 citizens attended the workshop. The 500 attendees were separated into groups of 15, with each group hosted by a staff member, a budget committee member and a union member — accounting staff would circulate among all the groups to answer questions that couldn’t be resolved by the materials provided or by the group hosts.

Long story short…. The end result of this community workshop showed what programs the community felt where critical and of the greatest importance to educating students. This also meant the district learned what programs the community felt were unnecessary, a waste of money and should be cut. In my view the “citizens” made the EXACTLY PROPER budget determinations — citizens got IT RIGHT as to what was necessary for educating children and what was a pure waste of money!

Guess what the result meant? … It so happened that those programs that the community felt were “unnecessary” and should be cut, WERE the very programs that the “LEVY” was needed to fund. In other words, ‘state funds’ were wholly adequate to meet all the programs the community deemed were necessary. There was NO NEED to fund, via a levy or otherwise, those programs the community felt were most important. Rather, is was the money that the district was spending outside the classroom the community felt should be cut. Examples of these programs that the “levy would fund” are such programs as “personal leave days’ for teachers over and above their vacation, sick, and summer vacation time … and, such as paying teachers 2-hours at the beginning and end of each day NOT TO TEACH [this is the teacher’s quiet time the union claims is so necessary to teachers being able to teach the remaining 4 hours of the day] … such as ‘teachers getting paid to go to “workshops for teachers in how to teach” … and the list goes on and on.

When the results from the workshop were tallied and submitted for discussion solely among the School Board, the Teachers Union and the Budget Committee, [also a “reporter, incognito, from the local newspaper brought in by me”] it was immediately made known that the “Union Members” would NEVER STAND for the budget cuts that the public deemed should be made.

With this ‘threat by the union’ the School Board, despite the results of the community workshop, issued their announcement that the programs that will be cut — IF THE LEVY FAILED— would be those programs that the community felt were the MOST IMPORTANT! The public was ‘blackmailed’ by the teachers union and the school board… AND the reporter, who I had hoped would “EXPOSE” all that took place in the meeting of the Board, Union and Committee, SAID NOTHING! The PUBLIC was NEVER INFORMED OF THE UNION’s Threat and never given any reason why the School Board ruled as they did.

So HERE WE GO AGAIN…. we citizens and the students of this county are AGAIN being held hostage by this corrupt organization – the TEACHERS UNION.

Furthermore, in my opinion, we citizens who have paid the taxes imposed by the School Levy are being betrayed by this “strike” this “breach” of contract. In other words, the LEVY passed, albeit under the weight of deceit and blackmail; the school district got its money. For the teachers to STRIKE despite getting their “LEVY” is a blatant breach of the contract established by the levy between those that have paid for a service and those who wanted this money to provide this service.

Look for a lawsuit against the School District/Teachers Union for breach and interference with a business expectancy… STAY TUNED!

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