Calling all who demand a change

When I started early this year, I expected to hear from others who experienced similar misconduct from government officials, judges, and attorneys. But I had no idea how many WA State citizens have been abused by our government. For Example:

— a case of officer domestic violence… this is when a police officer is beating his wife (or girlfriend) and the rest of the police department turns a blind-eye to this police brutality — Why? because they are all friends and don’t want to report this cop for his violence. When the victim is eventually hospitalized due to this officer’s beating, then the “prosecuting” of this “police officer” is whitewashed because of the “potential liability” the city/county has towards this victim due to the “police officer” being a public servant. In other words, had the police department investigate and prosecute this officer when the “first” 911 call was made by the victim the eventual, nearly fatal, beating may never have occurred. See Tammy’s story at

— a case where a lawyer sold out his client — a victim of an auto accident — for a quick buck and without consent. Never mind his client remains saddled with continuing medical bills and a permanent disability that the “quick settlement” fails to cover. Why? because the lawyer — a sole practitioner — was up against the might of a huge insurance company who promised to draw-out the case for years and years, which would have cost the lawyer and his client thousands upon thousands of dollars.

— and case upon case of children being taken from homes and placed in foster care on trumped-up charges. Why? because the state receives money for each child they take under the guise of “child protective services.” The more children they take the more money the state receives.

I am not a lawyer so I cannot represent these individuals who have been sold-out by our “trusted” government officials. This is why I am pleading for help… We have a ‘crisis’ in the moral and ethical deterioration of our government servants. They have become untouchable, due to the good-ole-boy fraternity that protects THEM rather than protects citizens from them!

We, as good and concerned citizens, need to take action that does only ONE THING … Make government misconduct, in any governmental capacity, a ‘criminal offense’ that is PUNISHED, not “WHITEWASHED,” in the most harshest terms to serve as a deterrent to others who choose to commit or ‘turn a blind-eye’ to those that have committed a violation of the public trust.

Please, if you have time to share, if you have legal training – legal research, writing, license, if you are willing to be a “court watcher”, or if you have your own ideas in how to insure lawyers, judges and government servants adhere to the highest standards of truth and honor, please contact me via this web site.

Thank you,
Bill Scheidler


  1. I am incredibly grateful for your efforts and willingness to take a stand against these conscienceless politicians, county officials, judges & attorneys. Washington State is completely defiled by these predators. Pierce County is a cess-pool. We, common, law-abiding citizens are going to have to collectively stand together & demand change. I am fearful for my safety, & will be contacting you by phone. Thank you for starting this blog…..this “operation” has been abusing it’s power far too long “under-the-radar”. It continues to grow in power, wealth, & scope every day. It is an epidemic.

  2. Glad to see another person willing to right the wrongs. I don’t know what side of the state you are on, but I live on the eastside and we have decided that the easiest way to rid Our public servants of corruption is by the “Common Law Grand Jury.” All of the northeastern counties in our state have voted for reinstatement, 2 on the westside, 2 working on it, but 18 counties are not doing anything, yet. Maybe you can persuade people you know to get onboard with this idea!?! Any help is better than none 😉 . Once the Common Law Grand Jury is reinstated in Our state, I plan on indicting Our Stevens County Prosecutor and 2 Stevens County Deputy Prosecutors and filing a complaint with the Bar Association for what they did to me. The one thing I hate the worst is Liars!! Thanks for any of your help!

    • Sherry, we have done a number of stories about the ‘common law grand jury’ movement. Until “the people” regain their authority over government, as it should be and as it is explicitly expressed in WA constitution Art 1, Sec 1, we are “forced” to pursue other avenues to reclaim our rights!

      I know John Darash’s effort to establish common law grand juries is growing and spreading across the country. So too the Tea Party’s push for common law grand juries. And you are right…. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE to rid our government of those who betray our trust.

      Thank you for your effort to address the utter “evil” the permeates our government today. If you would like to have your story told call me or email me and we get something published.

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