The “Roth Show” interviews Bill Scheidler

Bill Scheidler tells of the fraud upon retired citizens of WA State on the Roth Show


Bill tells Dr. Laurie Roth how WA State has betrayed its retired and retired due to disability [including the military disabled] from their Constitutional Rights as guaranteed by WA Constitution Article 7, Section 10.

Bill tells Dr. Laurie Roth how WA State county assessors, who are charged with the administration of this program, mislead applicants into misstating vital information needed to determine an applicants qualifications and thus cheat these “otherwise qualified” individuals from this program. The WA Statute at issue is RCW 84.36.383(5).Read it here too, how Kitsap County’s Assessor, James Avery, defrauds the county’s senior citizens.

Bill tells Dr. Laurie Roth why this fraud upon retired and retired due to disability has gone on for so long due to the conflicts attorneys/judges have with insures and risk pool funds… in other words, how judges protect the fraud because they have a interest in seeing that the fraud remains hidden… how elected officials “protect the fraud” because of its affect on the state’s revenue. One instance is in how Judge Leighton, whose wife, also an attorney, protects the “risk pool” funds from which a jury verdict against the county would be paid.

Bill tells Dr. Laurie Roth of his individual effort to expose the fraud by filing a lawsuit, which has been “thwarted” and hidden from a jury by these corrupt attorneys and judges.

It is all exposed on

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