Kids are being yanked from homes – Money is made and families are lost

Jamaal Jacob Breaks Silence OnThe Laurie Roth Show
Jamaal Jacob has finally spoken out after months of silence, he captured the hearts of many when he appeared on corruptct. While many wondered and worried about what happened, why the sudden silence and where was the child. As he has shared the child is still kidnapped, Jamaal continues to speak out not only for what has been done to his family but for others as well, encouraging parents to break the silence. Jamaal spoke about the Torrington Connecticut Department of Children and families and what they have done, removing his child without a court order. Please support Jamaal in his fight for getting his child home where she belongs, leave a comment and please click the link below and share it.
Thank you Dr. Laurie Roth, visit her site for all of her stories
Interview with Jamaal Jacob on The Roth Show
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Kids are being yanked from homes – Money is made and families are lost
By admin, on August 8th, 2013
This week on my weekly crime segment I interviewed the Activists behind They have asked to remain anonymous due to the evil they confront on a regular basis. Using only first names they exposed what seems to be a growing and real conspiracy to yank kids from good homes without due process and common sense. Cases of absurd withdrawals of children from perfectly good homes are growing through out the country, rendering it unsafe to even raise your kids in a normal manner. Parents be very concerned. Kids are now widgets to be used to make money.
The Corrupt CT activists shared the unbelievable and ongoing story of Jamaal Jacob who had his young daughter apprehended by DCF (Department of children and families) in response to a call. Someone reported seeing a bruise on her head. (I was asked to keep her name and age out of the article since this is a case in progress)
I talked with Jamaal Jacob who said there were other kids in the house and the bruise on his daughter’s forehead was simply from Childs play and rough housing between the children. It wasn’t serious enough to even go to the Doctor. The daughter was taken by DCF regardless of what the Dad said happened. She has been forced to stay in the system, away from her home since November 2012.
It gets worse
Jamaal Jacob and his fiancée (who was not in the home at the time) were both criminally charged with ‘Risk of injury to a minor’ and are in the middle of a trial. One court date has already occurred and the trial is continuing. They both face 10 years in prison if convicted. Jamaal’s daughter has not been allowed home since November 2012. When interviewed by DCF the daughter also said it was Childs play and her Dad had not hit her.
Jamaal was denied due process, lied to repeatedly and is now facing 10 years in prison if convicted. All this because his young-school age daughter was seen with one bruise on her forehead. I kept looking for what else could possibly be in this story to make DCF act as literal kidnappers and ignore the simple and seemingly honest explanation from the Dad and the Daughter. “Does Jamaal have a criminal record or abuse background in anyway?” NO. “Have there been other noted bruises noticed on his daughters body?” NO. “Is there money involved here?” YES.
The Corrupt CT team told me of Title 5 funding available to the states from the Feds given up for each child in the system. DCF gets money peppered all over their ‘child seeking’ business.
I know as a ‘Foster adopt’ parent myself, that the state pays money per month to assist with health care, mental health needs and expenses. This is appropriate and having walked through the system with my Husband to adopt our kids many DCF workers and Foster families operate with compassion, common sense and inside the law.
Things are very different now – more money and more corruption
Corrupt CT said that cases involving kids being yanked from families and stuck in the system for a year or two are becoming much more common. These cases are started and financed by Title 5 funding for a simple call in reporting a bruise. No one wants a kid stuck in an abusive home of any kind, but we are talking about a system now that is ignoring due process, ignoring common sense and ignoring reasonable testimony . I call this a national conspiracy to make money on children and destroy the rights of families.
I shared with them story after story of bruises and injuries I got as a kid while playing hard. I went to school with occasional bruises and a sprained ankle or two. My parents weren’t arrested and I wasn’t yanked from our home. For that matter, I have a 10-year-old boy who also plays hard, tearing around the forest that we live in. I know he has had a few bruises and scratches. Am I to be arrested now and my boy yanked from my home? The way things are going now is that good parents should be scared. Spies are everywhere and Teachers, Counselors; authorities are intimidated to report literally everything. The tragic part is that the system the kids are being thrown into are often times the real abusers.
Kids are a money making commodity
Corrupt CT Judge Ciavarella was sentenced to 28 years for selling kids to the Prison System. Unbelievable as it is he unjustly sentenced over 5,000 young men and women to maximum prison sentences, making big bucks. He received millions of dollars for giving these long prison sentences. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has now overturned 4,000 of these convictions.
Pathetically, Judge Ciavarella’s attorney asked for reasonable sentencing, saying that the ‘media coverage’ punished the Judge enough. He then said he would be forever thought of as the ‘Kids for Cash’ judge. I guess we are to feel sorry for him now. Oh baby…how unfair…how cruel and inconvenient for his career. I simply hope that he enjoys being someone else’s girlfriend in prison.
The FBI recently rescued 105 children from a national Sex Trafficking ring at a Saudi Compound in VA. The Blaze and other news sources covered this in depth and linked this Sex network to over 76 cities. This is just one of the networks broken up. There were also 12 MS-13 gang members arrested and involved with child sex trafficking.
Kids used to be our protected treasures, now they are inventory to sell
There are many tentacles to this very real conspiracy of using our kids to make money. The Child Protection groups, who use lots of various initials — is making big money all through their system to yank kids out of perfectly good homes and keep them flowing through the system. Damn families – Damn the truth and make money.
Apparently, at least one Judge (no doubt there are more who haven’t been caught yet) was making millions of dollars in bribes for sending kids off to maximum prison sentences.
Finally, Sex trafficking rings are growing and deadly all through our country. Thankfully the FBI recently rescued 105 children from the Sex Trafficking ring in VA, but there are many more and dangers everywhere. Money is to be made on ‘children’ by the Government, DCF, Sex Trafficking rings, Judges, Illegal aliens- MS-13 Gang.
Follow Jamaal Jacob’s unfolding case and other horrifying and compelling cases against our families and children at
Join and support their efforts to shine the light of truth.
Listen in to my daily national radio show each day from 7-10 pm PAC at or listen later on archives.
Stealing children is a nation wide concern, how do WE stop it? What happened to the rights of parents, why is this agency immune to our civil and constitutional rights? WE the people need to speak out, stop allowing this agency DCF,CPS,DCYS,DCFS, any department name that is after our children. The child protection agencies are not out to “protect” children they are stealing them, silence has given them the power to continue to steal them. Praying for all the children that have been stolen from their families and fighting for each and every one to bring them home.


  1. You might want to contrast this with how the legal elite get treated inside the “justice” system by their friends.
    Check out their sworn divorce financial filings, child support orders and take a look at what their doing afterwards.

    Amazing that a no asset flat broke assistant city attorney making $6,000 per month here can put $412,000 cash down on a $750,000 home within the year and assume $5,000 per month payments and taxes.

    Where did he get the money? Even with the documents , nobody in a responsible role wants to look in the escrow account and see where the money came from.

    Maybe you would like the police parking beside your home? Or your child seized and you prosecuted
    for cooked up “crimes”?

  2. Kenn, I know you have been “around the block” and have important insight into the corruption within our county. You were, if I remember, with the city’s planning department, you have a law degree [J.D] and you’re a long-time resident who has seen it all…. Anytime you want to tell us your story… this is one place to do it…. Thanks for what you do Kenn and keep fighting the good fight.

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