Kitsap County Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull…. will his career be one of the shortest?

How long with he remain Judge?
How long will he remain Judge?

UPDATE: 11/04/2013. Today I filed a complaint against Judge Kevin Hull, for his ethical violations, with the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Click this link to read the full complaint.Complaint against Judge Kevin Hull

On July 8, 2013, Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull entered his “Findings of fact, conclusions of law, order, and judgement” in William Scheidler v Scott Ellerby. Hull simply ruled that Scheidler should pay Ellerby’s defense $88,409.40 because Scheidler had NO reason to sue Ellerby for the lies he told to Scheidler, his abrupt withdrawal as Scheidler’s counsel on the very eve of a hearing by using an “invented excuse” … the lies Ellerby told to the court… the lies Ellerby told about Scheidler to Mr. Mills…. etc., etc., As earlier reported, Scott Ellerby, an attorney with the firm Mills, Meyers, Swartling enjoys ‘absolute immunity’ from every law or rule of professional conduct because he works for the WA State Supreme Court. When an attorney works for the WA State Supreme Court then every judge like Kevin Hull and Judge Penoyar will lie to perpetuate the illusion of “truth and honor”.

NOTE: In Penoyar’s case he tells a blatant lie because the “evidence” is a matter of record and he cannot hide from the truth. Clearly Penoyar’s purpose is to whitewash the crimes of Ellerby. While Judge Penoyar lied in his opinion to protect Ellerby’s reputation, he also “tried” to “remedy” an earlier unjust ruling by Judge Hartman who awarded Ellerby’s defense $133,000. Judge Penoyar “reversed” the entire $133,000, but left his ruling sufficiently ambiguous to invite Ellerby’s defense team to refile for “fees and costs”.  Ellerby’s defense team is headed by Jeffrey Downer, who was since replaced as jpdpresident of the firm Lee Smart PS Inc. Nevertheless Judge Hull obliged Downer and ignored the fact that when a $133,000 award is completely “Reversed” it means an “injustice” has been perpetrated upon the court!

A motion for “reconsideration” has been submitted Motion for reconsideration 09-2-00660-3(1) and if denied it means Judge Hull is just another “good-ole-boy” and it will be my mission to see him removed from the bench under those constitutional and statutory violations discussed in my motion for reconsideration!

Note: Hull was a Kitsap prosecutor before being appointed to the Superior Court Bench. When Hull gave up his prosecutor’s position he told Marcus Carter, COO, of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club, he would never have “prosecuted the club” as his then boss, Russell Hauge.  This statement shows two things about Hull’s character… Hull is a yes-boy without any moral strength, and the prosecution of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club is likely founded upon a personal vendetta the Kitsap Prosecutor, Russ Hauge, has with Marcus Carter.  Both implications of Hull’s admission should “wake up citizens” to the abuse of power that permeates the legal profession.

Make no mistake… lawyers/judges are intent upon total control and will exercise their power to further that end… BEWARE!

UPDATE 7/30/2013: Scheidler’s Motion for reconsideration has been granted and Judge Hull has ordered the motion to be briefed and set for oral argument on Friday, August 9th, 2013.  For all those who want to express their support for Scheidler in his effort to insure the legal profession abides by their oath to the ideals of “truth and honor” please attend the hearing. The hearing will be held at the Kitsap County Superior Courthouse, 614 Division Street, Port Orchard, WA, on August 9th, between 1:30 PM and 4PM in Judge Kevin Hull’s Courtroom. A copy of the order follows.

Hull's ruling for reconsideration


  1. The case of Scheidler vs. Ellerby. It looks like a case Hull is hearing at this moment. Judge Hull is considering sanctioning Det. Ames and Attorney Joan Mell in the case Michael Ames vs. Pierce County for attempting to tell the truth in another case which would’ve cleared the accused being in a picture that did NOT match her body style. Det Ames opinion about the picture was covered up by the Prosecutor’s Office and the accused was subsquently left in jail for 7 – 8 months, lost her daughter permanently, and can’t even go to the grocery store without getting permission. Shortly after Pierce County Prosecutors went after Det Ames in an attempt to label him a “Brady Cop” and forced him into retirement. A Brady Cop is a Cop that lies. There is not one document supporting that lie. Det. Ames has document after document showing his innocence, Lynn Dalsings innocent and the multiply lies and inconsistencies of the Sheriffs and Prosecutor’s Office. How can you sanction a man and his attorney who isn’t seeking monetary damages just a remedy to clear his previously good name? Also, how can you consciously consider sanctioning an outstanding cop who is only trying to tell the truth? Didn’t he have to take an oath to tell the truth and now he may be sanctioned for it? This is so unethical and deranged! Had Det Ames not produced information to clear the accused he would’ve been found guilty for withholding information and would’ve faced serious legal issues. Michael has always stood tall trying to do his job to the best of his abilities, which included; always doing the right thing even if that meant his decisions were not going to be a popular one.We should all be afraid of the abusive power of the Prosecuting office and the Judges that support them.

  2. Dear Gezzy

    There is a hell of a lot more cases that both the Sheriff and the Prosecutor’s office abused in fact one prominent case being investigated by outside counsel. The Prosecutor’s office has systematically and admitted to various witnesses of its abuses including violating separation of powers. More and more people are coming forward and Det Ames is not the only highly credible witness that will be coming forth. For those judges who stood by and ignored these abuses. Shame on all of you, you will be named.

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