Shakespeare is right! Lawyers MUST go — they will destroy our country all by themselves!

[youtube]The problem of legal corruption, including judges, spans countrywide.  This video concerns the Florida Bar Association but the subject matter is the same in state after state.  We cannot allow “lawyers” to rule our country!  They will destroy this country because of the unlimited power  they have acquired which is beyond citizen oversight.  And because they control the courts they are “untouchable.”  America is OWNED by lawyers!

Case in point, Attorney Scott Ellerby, who occupies positions with the WA State Bar is immune from any duty to obey the law, let alone the rules of professional conduct.  Then there is the overt conduct by the WA State Bar and the perjury of Judge Joel Penoyar‘s  opinion so as to save his colleague, Ellerby from his violation of law and code of conduct…. all these people’s misconduct mirrors what Les Winston speaks about in the show featured.

Until citizens realize how their rights are “OWNED” by the legal profession; and act to restore “justice” there will be a tipping point when all of those who have been victimized by this corrupt profession rise up and demand the heads of judges and attorneys who behave as tyrants.  Shakespeare will be proved right! It will be a sad day for America when the reality of just how corrupt ‘lawyers’ are and their destruction of our civilized society results in people finding that “justice” is not found in our “judicial br.”

UPDATE, 7/7/2013: I’ve been harshly criticized for painting all “lawyers” as “corrupt”; I’m told there are good, honest, ethical lawyers who fight for individual rights and the oppressed — often at no cost.  While this is true, it is a half-truth.  As the featured video points out, the legal profession is the ONLY profession that regulates itself.  This means any “bad” lawyer found in the population of all lawyers means the “system” is failing to do its job.  In other words, these self-described ‘good, ethical, generous’ lawyers are only ‘half-good’ because their DUTY also requires them to insure the “profession” is ALL GOOD and to get rid of those lawyers, judges and law firms that ‘pollute’ the reputation and destroy the confidence in the justice system.

For example: Why is  Attorney Scott Ellerby, still practicing law?  Ellerby said he had to withdraw as my attorney due to a ‘conflict of interest’ — this occurred on the very eve of the hearing for which he was paid to prepare for and attend. Then, when I asked for a refund of the money paid, Ellerby refused and claimed, not that he withdrew due to a conflict of interest but, that I asked him to withdraw on the very eve of the hearing.  THESE lies by Ellerby are documented by Ellerby’s superior Larry Mills, Esq.,; Ellerby’s declarations filed with Superior Court (perjury); letters and memos; WA State Bar grievances…. Read them for yourself in the Court Papers filed in the case.

EVERY lawyer who reads Ellerby’s lies, perjuries, etc., should demand Ellerby be removed from the ranks of attorneys…. yet NONE have put their self proclaimed “goodness, high ethical and moral standards” to work when it comes to “regulating their profession”.  Before you claim to me that you’re a lawyer with high moral and ethical standards, first explain why you haven’t obeyed your duty that is expressly demanded of you by


  (a) A lawyer who knows that another lawyer has committed a violation of
the Rules of Professional Conduct that raises a substantial question as
to that lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other
respects, should inform the appropriate professional authority.

  (b) A lawyer who knows that a judge has committed a violation of
applicable rules of judicial conduct that raises a substantial question
as to the judges fitness for office should inform the appropriate authority.



  1. I have a general question about an attorney’s responsibility. I hired two attorneys, one a criminal attorney on standby, and I thought it was the attorney’s responsibility to submit monthly billing statements showing where the funds that were paid for service were used. I never received any statements from the criminal attorney in the two years she was to represent me. My main attorney only supplied the first month of service statement, but I never received another one from her and she represented me until the end of last year (2013). We paid about $14,000 to both attorneys and do not actually know what our funds went for!

    • Lee:
      The so-called legal system that we are all abused by today, are not the judiciary that we have all been mislead into believing that they are. These people only swore an oath to the banking system, that is essentially what every courtroom is, a bank. I actually have the citation of the Banking Act, that these lawyers and lawyer-judges, have actually sworn an oath under. Look up “Attorney License Fraud” on a search engine.
      This judicial system actually serves The Crown, in Europe. Also, look up “American Lawyers Guild”, which is an organization predicated upon communism. I am not making this up. We have lawyers in Congress, the White House, in control of all of the government in the state of Washington, and we are always encouraged and prompted to seek legal counsel, etc., because the judicial system is nothing more than a business, and we the people are nothing more than the product in which they traffic. We need to place First Amendment Commercial Liens against these freaks, and hit them with conspiracy against rights.
      Lawyers/lawyer-judges are not even licensed or regulated by any governmental agency, everything is done in-house “The Bar Association”. Nearly every profession I know of, is required to be licensed, but, not lawyers/lawyer-judges. These people make life and death decisions in courtrooms, and in judges’ chambers, daily, but not a single one of them possess a license to practice law (only a certificate, issued by none other than The Bar Association, themselves). Fraud is what it is. You were defrauded.
      I have a lot of information, just ask and I will get it to you.

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