Attorney Bob Grundstein takes aim at the WA State Bar Association

Attorney Robert Grundstein has first-hand experience in how the WA State Bar violates its public duty. Mr. Grundstein is conducting seminars for attorneys who face WA State Bar discipline. In those seminars Mr. Grundstein exposes the unlawful ways the Bar operates; it is a club of the well-connected and operates for the benefit of that good-ole-boy club. One way the Bar operates, for the benefit of its privileged ‘club’ members, is to eliminate the competition among lawyers by thinning the herd. And as any oppressed group of citizens who have been victims of government abuse can testify to — which is to say, the old, the poor, disabled — the Bar picks sole proprietors or small law firms as targets for elimination.

While Mr. Grundstein’s focus is aimed at helping the sole proprietor lawyers escape discipline, in doing so he exposes the despicable tactics of the WA State Bar by disclosing their methods and prejudices towards the sole proprietors; and that exposure is good for society overall as it will alert citizens that their well-being isn’t so secure.  Case in point is how Attorney Ellerby escapes all notions of truth and honor by being of the “privileged class.”

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