Legally Kidnapped by the CT DCF – The True Story of Jamaal Jacob

Legally Kidnapped: The Jamaal Jacob Story, written by CT DCF

A True Story Written, Produced and Edited by the Torrington DCF & Police Department and retold by CorruptCT.

Thursday, November 29th was a day like any other day.  Jamaal’s children were due home at any time.  It was a clear day with that winter chill in the air, and had just started getting darker outside.  There was a knock at the door and when Jamaal opened it along with the cold draft that entered the home came Officer Dowd and his parter from the Torrington Police department.  They were not alone, then entered Julie Smith and Michelle Colleoni from the Torrington DCF Office.

No one would have ever thought that with the frigid air that entered the home on that unforgettable November evening would have carried with it the nightmare which was soon to become a living and life altering situation which not only would effect the children but also put the parents in jeopardy of their civil liberties and their freedom, as they are now facing criminal charges.

This posting is just the introduction to a story that we will be following and writing about over the next 3 days until the court day which is Monday, May 20th 2013.  We will present to you the facts we have discovered, the people that were involved and show you just as I have discovered the Torrington DCF has taken it into their own hands to dismember this once happy family.

What makes this story different then all the other horrific Torrington DCF stories we have heard and posted on this site?  Because not only has the DCF accomplished in ruining a family but they took this another step further and have pressed criminal charges as retaliation against both parents, one of which was not even home at the time and they now face charges that could land them in prison for up to 10 years.

I am not asking you to take my word or believe everything I write, all I ask of you is to watch the videoattached to this story, and take a few minutes of your time to ready the follow up stories which will be posted tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday up until the Court date, and then we will be following what happens afterwards.

I really feel before we get to the laws that were broken, the illegal tactics used by both the CT DCF and the Torrington Police you should watch an interview that we were privileged to.  I will be writing in chronological order the events that happened and all of the rights and laws broken which will be posted tomorrow, and then followed by a synopsis of everything going on, so we can all be prepared for the upcoming court date.

I advise anyone to leave comments in support of this family.  If you wish to remain anonymous that is fine, but please lets show support, the DCF has been stomping all over our civil liberties and god given rights for far too long and to fight back we have to speak up.  If this story does not convince you then I do not know what will.

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