Family rights.

One of our colleagues, Jan Smith, is an activist in family rights issues and we are working to get Jan to serve as contributor for us too.  Until all the bugs are worked out please follow Jan Smith in her effort on behalf of families.

Take the Land…


UPDATE: June 11, 2013

There is a protest in July for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges who are having their yearly national conference in Seattle.  We will be protesting here:  on Sunday afternoon and Monday day. Sunday starting at 12 noon and Monday at around 10

A night of camping will take place for the group in Nisqually on the 14th. I am reserving a group camp site. We will set up camp in the morning, go to the protest in the afternoon then have a night of fun activities in the evening then protest on Monday. Let me know if you want to attend.  Jan Smith <>

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  1. too bad we’re ALL not better organized and on these dates have protests in our capitol cities nationwide
    Victims of this illegal system show up with enlarged photos of their family members and friends that were “disappeared” as in being denied their rights to familial association,illegally detained etc.
    The banners should state
    ” Pinochet or ___ ___ Judge’s name/appointed guardian name and inform Americans as to exactly WHAT takes place inside these court rooms and how innocent people are incarcerated and denied their rights.
    I do believe the victims of these illegal courts outnumber those gone in Chile.
    am I making “”light” of the horrors of pinochet ? NO.
    However,THIS IS THE USA and these are violations of our USC and a weakening of our system of checks and balances.
    Family court via CPS and this probate via their court annointed guardianships literally disappears our people, and the rights of these guardians must be explained to all FORTUUNATE to have avoided them.

    I will pass the info around and float my idea as well as many cannot get out there.

    On a lighter note –think our elderly and disabled will be safe that day as these judges are outta town ?

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