Bremerton Mayor, Patty Lent, hypocrite and overall scam artist?

The “Gas Works Superfund Site” …. is the Mayor of Bremerton, Patty Lent, involved?  Stay tuned!

UPDATE: June 10, 2013.  Papers obtained from reliable sources filed with the Environmental Protection Agency show that the toxic materials that were known to come from a concrete pipe existing at the Bremerton Gas Works Superfund site  was and continues to be owned by Theodore C. Blomberg (lessor) and as President and Secretary Treasurer of Lent’s (Oil) Inc. (lessee).

During this ownership time, Harold D. Lent was employed by and served as Lent’s Inc. President and Director.

Lent Oil was engaged in the laying of water mains and sewer systems and to distribute fuel oil, bunker oil, gasoline and all types of petroleum products…

Patty Lent, mayor of Bremerton and former Kitsap County Commissioner, is Harold D. Lent’s wife.  Patty Lent has been and still is Chair of the Kitsap Public Health District Board of Directors who have responsibilities to “inform the public” of the facts associated with the pollution and those who  committed this environmental catastrophe.

Please stay tuned as more information is collected.


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