This expose’ on attorney Scott Ellerby  and the power he has come to enjoy, has rendered him “ABOVE THE LAW”

Scott Ellerby - Crooked Dirty Attorney
Scott Ellerby, Esq., poster of all that is wrong with the legal profession
Scott Ellerby, Esq., enjoys all the “political” perks that come with positions of stature…. He is immune from the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL conduct, He is immune from the STATUTORY OATH he takes in order to practice law, he is immune from TELLING THE TRUTH.

The EXHIBITS filed with the complaints and grievances against Ellerby show he has committed perjury, has violated privacy, has lied to his client (me), has lied about me to his boss, Larry Mills, Esq.,  has lied to the court, has lied to the WSBA…. with NO CONSEQUENCE!

The real tragedy isn’t that ELLERBY is immune from all of these legal and moral responsibilities …. the REAL TRAGEDY is in knowing that our “JUSTICE SYSTEM” is a function of these “immunities” that certain individuals and law firms enjoy.  Said another way…. it isn’t justice, it is  “WHO YOU KNOW” that matters!  THIS IS THE REAL TRAGEDY… OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS A ‘GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB”  and us ‘unconnected” citizens are  their play-toys!

Ellerby, an attorney, has maneuvered his way on to high-powered committees and legislative affiliations such as:

  • Washington State Bar Association
  • WSBA Disciplinary Board Hearing Officer
  • WSBA Forum on the Construction Industry Section
  • WSBA Legislation Committee
  • WSBA Rules of Professional Conduct Committee
  • King County Bar Association
  • KCBA Real Property, Probate and Trust Section, Chair, 2001
  • American Bar Association


Is it any wonder that a WA State Bar grievance filed against Ellerby was dismissed.

Is it any wonder that the lawsuit filed against Ellerby that alleges violations of law and rules of professional conduct was also dismissed — no trial — simply dismissed by a Judge, who coincidentally, also serves as a judge pro tem for the WA State Court of Appeals.  Said another way…. the entire “JUDICIAL” chain of command involved in deciding this case  have either professional or functional association with Ellerby!

Judge Russel Hartman of the Kitsap Superior Court, dismissed the complaint  without trial and then awarded Ellerby $132,000 .   On appeal, Justice Joel Penoyar, who authored the appellate decision, performs or performed many of the same tasks for the WSBA as Ellerby.

From the WSBA’s dismissal, to the final ruling by it is all decided by colleagues and professional acquaintances of Ellerby.

Of course there is also the president of Ellerby’s firm… Larry Mills, Esq.  If Ellerby doesn’t have the muscle to get his cases and grievance dismissed, certainly Larry Mills has that power.

What is the EVIDENCE that proves all that is said here?….  For the complete record the WSBA grievance is No: 08-01646; Kitsap Superior Court # 09-2-00660-3 WA Court of Appeals 425612

For a brief look at the evidence proving Ellerby committed perjury, violated his statutory oath to the truth, and violated his professional duty, page through the exhibits and compare what each exhibit states — as you will see Ellerby simply lies: EXHIBITS 1-10

Click the link that follows to read the entire COMPLAINT: Scheidler v Ellerby




  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for exposing the truth. Judges attorneys and all of the other people that are supposed to help are out to make money off of pain and suffering they put families through. The BAR association should be banned, child protective services should be banned. they say how poor we are and they are right, we the people of this country are poor but the ones behind it are filthy rich based off of lies at that.

  2. God is still in Control. I discovered a 6-22-11 public record filed against one of my corrupt divorce attorneys from long ago, Jason P. Benjamin, and his wife Heidi Benjamin, which shows there was a trustee sale filed against his property in Eatonville, WA. He also has various court cases filed against him. His co-conspirator, lawyer Stephen Dwight Downing, is still corrupting the Pierce County Courts, and anywhere that he travels, most likely. The wsba is the greatest joke in WA State; Apparently the “bar” trains these disreputable lawyers how to deceive, lie and steal; and then they cover-up all information from the public. Not one of these corrupt and evil lawyers and judges, (also lawyers) are able to take their ill-begotten goods with them when they meet their maker, and time is short!

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